Sarah’s Famous Now

“Close your eyes,” Patsy and Elmo said as they came into the room with Sarah’s graduation cake. Sarah laughed, thinking about all the surprise birthday parties that had taken place in this living room over the last twenty-one years. She covered her eyes with her hands. “Open them.” Sarah screamed looking at the custom-made cake [...]


Who Knows

Living in a world of ambiguity is very enticing. One could never be right or wrong, because there will always be an out. While it may be enticing, one should never live there. Not suggesting we need a Draconian life, either. Draconian and ambiguity seem to be polar opposites, which is perhaps why it is [...]

Rediscovering Old Stories # 9

Today's Project Gutenberg flashback is not a's a magazine from 1913. The Armour's Monthly Cookbook A Monthly Magazine of Household Interest October, 1913 This one has so many good things in it, I may find other uses for Today's selection, though, is called The Daily Menu and lists the winning menu from each [...]

Pingbacks (PSA)

Maybe everyone knows this already, but it just came to me this week that, while nice, pingbacks are often misunderstood creatures. The premise of the pingback is creates a link to your page on someone else's page automatically (well, after the blog owner approves it if they have that feature turned on). My settings [...]

Pick It Up

Princesses Rhyme and Reason were, as sisters often do, arguing over this n' that, but mostly over Tock. He was driving them nuts with the same story day after day. They wanted excitement again. Ten pink princess phones ought to do it. Now to wait for someone to answer their call. This 280-character tale was [...]

Rediscovering Old Stories (PG # 8)

Today's Project Gutenberg flashback comes from: Myths and Legends of the Great Plains by Katherine Berry Judson Published 1913 This book is a collection of myths and legends from various Native American tribes of the Great Plains. Be sure to check out the book for more stories, there are a lot of great ones. WHY [...]

Reblog — My goals for the rest of the year.

Everyone drop what you’re doing…unless you’re holding a child, cooking, eating, working, writing, or….well, ok, just listen please. Let’s help Bearded Igor reach his goals by the end of July! Get the word out…spread his message…I know we can do it! The more people read, the more people want to write!

Bearded Igor Blogs

Well this year hasn’t exactly gone to plan so far. Negatively I’ve been dumped and had various health issues including Aussie flu, damn that flu. Positively I have this blog. But what for the rest of the year? Well sit back and let’s delve into my targets.

Blog goals.

My biggest targets for this is for it to just keep going and post daily. Hopefully it will grow but won’t take anything for granted. Currently passed 4,000 views so I would love to hit 10,000 by the end of the year. I mean honestly that would be mind blowing for me. I would love to keep follower growth going steadily. All in all if it keeps growing I will be happy.

As for content, I want to write more creative pieces. Write more stories for you and even try a bit of poetry. I can only try.

As for #neverletlightfade…

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Rediscovering Old Stories (PG #6)

Today's Project Gutenberg flashback comes from: Old-Fashioned Fairy Tales by Juliana Horatia Ewing Published Unknown **Note, featured image does not come from this book This book is, as the name suggests, a collection of fairy tales. I had never read any of these! Here is one that I sure to check out the others... [...]

They Came From Above

"The 21st century was a period of great upheaval and violence," Xip told his class. "The United States Space Force was more powerful than they even anticipated." "How?" one student asked. "Good question, Kom. The Space Force connected to every leading nation in the world. They had the world in their hands." "Did they know [...]


Sophie's doctor told her the man didn't exist. He was just a part of her brain that never fully recovered from the car accident. Give it time, he said. She did. Her psychiatrist told her the man didn't exist. He was just part of her guilt about the car accident. Give it time, she said. [...]

Predictive Text Tale #4

Last one for tonight. I love how I get different stories each time. It's almost like a fortune telling machine. Moving right to left again. Good luck with your view on the bus to the conclusion and I don't have a friend in town for reading and commenting the same ad every day for anyone [...]