Silent Warrior

Protests erupted nationwide as women took to the streets. They protested for parental pay, self-ownership, and some just to protest. Newscasts were filled lawsuits over whether a man looked at a woman or complimented her outfit. Some men were too afraid to be in a room with a woman. Lillian adjusted her gloves and checked [...]


Her Last Gift

Standing on the sidewalk looking up at the third-floor dormers and tower beside them, Angela knew this was where she was meant to be. “Ready?” the estate agent asked, smiling. “This house has 5 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, separate dining room, and 3 full baths—one on each floor. The attic can be used for storage [...]

Looking in the Window

Warning: this post written for the last Daily Post prompt of Retrospective, has very dark tones.   “Where am I?” Andy asked the blackness that engulfed him. “How did I get here?” Andy jerked as a sudden gust of wind blew up his face. “Hello?” Arms stretched out to their fullest extent in front of [...]

Spirit Quest

It occurred to me that I have not written a 100-words story in a while, so I tried that with today's Three Things Challenge. I'm rusty This was quite difficult to weed down to just 100 words. Hope you enjoy! Turning thirteen in the Earth 27 tribe was a momentous occasion. Returning from their [...]

The Fill-In

The pit is empty when Beth arrives for the evening’s performance. It is always hard being a fill-in violinist, but after three years, she is accustomed to faking confidence. The other musicians file in past her without a glance except for a cellist. “Hurry now,” the conductor announces. “Miss Harrison? You are filling in as [...]