Stretching The Truth

"Man, I can't believe they sent us more of these things," Amy complained, opening the tenth case of white mohair sweaters. "Tell me about it!" Julie nodded. "Why on Earth would they send us these in the middle of summer?" "Team huddle," Bryce announced. The sales team began grumbling as they all saw the mohair [...]


The Keyhole Killer

Orville Barker was an unassuming young man, especially for these parts. It made it very easy for him to find a job when he walked in to Wide River last month. Nellie over at the restaurant and boarding house took him in for his first few nights and quickly saw what a good worker he [...]


Early theories of using black holes for time travel were proven accurate hundreds of years ago, but none dared to use that knowledge to change history. Where would they even start? The war that ripped nations apart would be a good start, but did our problems really start there? How about the Moscow Agreement of [...]

A Lovely Picnic

It was a lovely day for a picnic. At least that’s what the Huckabee family thought. They had prepared a lovely basket of chicken salad sandwiches on white bread, iced teas, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the young ones. Just a typical, upstanding meal for a typical, upstanding family. After a fun morning [...]

Her Flower Garden

Lily couldn’t understand why her Frank was so obtuse about her garden. Didn’t he understand that the ability to raise a flower from seed to bloom year after year was good training for being a parent. Sure, she had tried for nearly forty years to get her garden to take, but he didn’t have to [...]

Karma Knows

Tales from the Mind of Kristian posted a creative writing assignment he had in his class, and it looked fun and interesting, so I am stealing it. The tasks are: Write down two random names and give them jobs Write down two different locations Write down some objects Write down three emotions Write down an [...]