Before the War

Life had always had its ups and downs, its winners and its losers, but for the most part, a person could be born, live their life, and die content. This was accepted by most people as the meaning of life if you really stopped to ask them. No one needed to ask though, because it was simply understood. It was a common thread that wove through everyone in the nation. People started asking though when news reports began focusing on the differences between the winners and losers, have and have nots, and those who belonged and those who didn’t.

Once the first reports were delivered over national programs, there was no stopping the growing wildfire. No one knew if the reports were true. No one stopped to ask who their sources were. That’s the way they wanted it. The ones pulling the strings years before their plan was set into motion. They were very proficient at what they did. A report here, a victim there, a supporter here, and a confidential source there. Silently they crept into every corner of the nation, instigating, insinuating, plotting their next move. In the beginning there were few who knew their plan. That is exactly how they wanted it. The plan must be kept secret, hidden away but for a select few that possessed utmost loyalty and devotion for the future leader. The one who brought the war. As they plotted and planned, using everyone necessary to ensure the plan’s success, they began making their first move.

“Is everything ready?” the future leader asked his closest confidant and advisor. “I am anxious to finally see the plan enacted.”

“Everything is ready.” He said. “We have supporters in every state, in key media outlets, and we found desperate people in their camp.”

“Good. Desperate people are easy to manipulate. Wave a few dollars under their nose and they will sit and beg for more.”

Both men laughed.

“Do you think the people will buy it, sir? Are they primed enough to accept our plan as if they were its creator?”

The future leader laughed, putting his hands together and leaning on the desk a little more. “The people are pawns. Foolish little pawns. Our media reports have seen to that. Early tests showed that with just a few key words, most of them can be triggered into thinking things they know are not true but will defend it till the end. Psychology experiments running live.”

Both men laughed, dreaming of the coming fruits of their work.

*knock knock* “Come in.”

“Sir, we have reports from our contacts in the other camp. They say if it is going to work, then it needs to be done now. Their polls show our target will not win if we delay any further.”


“Sir, why is that excellent? Wouldn’t we have the same chance regardless?”

“Of course not. One speaks of unity and equality…exactly what the majority of the nation wants. We must have the one I can easily destroy. With a single word…no, not even a word, a single expression and I will have the nation’s ignorant thinking I am their salvation.”

“Yes, sir. What should I tell them?”

“Tell them to watch my conference tonight for the signal. By this time next year, the world will be at our feet.”

All three laughed.

To Be Continued

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The Week

No more time to
As you wander

Terrible skies
Under Monday’s
Yesterday’s haze

Near the
Event horizon
Sounding alarms of
Days ahead
And dismissing
Youthful strife

Hurdles crossed
Under and over
Dangers gone
Yearning for tomorrow

Fears long
Ideas flow
Down like
April’s showers over

Terrible week
Under the
Raptor’s eye
Daggers no longer
Yell Hooray

Slight breeze
Nature’s balance
Down for the count
And prepare
Yourself for tomorrow

© Teresa Grabs, 2018. You can find me on Twitter @TeresaGrabs.

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For the Village

“Sir, have you thought about what you’re going to say?” the Prince’s page asked as they were riding back toward.

“Not yet.” The young Prince said, squirming in his saddle. “They can’t know.”

Local children saw the approaching party and ran to the village square shouting, “The Prince is coming! The Prince is coming!”

Bells began ringing throughout the village calling all downtown to welcome their young Prince back from his fishing trip.

Villagers cheered, shouted, and waved flags as soon as the Prince and his page rode into town. Dismounting his stead, the Prince raised his hand and the crowd hushed, excited to hear the Prince.

“Thank you all for coming out to welcome me back,” he said.

“How was your catch, sir?” The village mayor asked. “Did you find it as fruitful as we do?”

The Prince’s page’s eyes grew, watching the Prince become anxious. The Prince looked around the village and only saw smiling faces waiting to hear how wonderful his fishing trip had been. “You should have seen the size of the one that got away.”

This was written for the Three Things Challenge prompt: Prince, bell, downtown

Modern Caveman

When you are poor, things become very primitive.

You begin living like a modern caveman.

Worlds become smaller and smaller.

Everyday items take on new meaning and values.

Others are not poor, so they live in a disposable world.

A world of plastic, chemicals, and pollution.

They accept the risk for personal gains.

Things they can show off and discard when the novelty has faded.

The modern caveman is different.

They take discarded things and value them, cherish them, love them.

There is still a lot of life left in discarded items.

Life becomes more valuable than things to the modern caveman.

Life is life and objects are just objects.

Anyone ready to be a modern caveman and live a longer, happier, primitive life?

This was written for Fandango’s One Word Challenge: primitive