The Last Phase

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Two years after Dom set the pieces for his final move, things were right where they needed to be. Many world leaders were participants in Dom’s plans, strategically chosen by himself and duly elected by their own people. Distrust of anything governmental ran rampant through the nation. Tensions often overflowed into riots that generated more news and division than anything Dom or his party could have accomplished on their own. He congratulated himself on how well his plan was going while reading the day’s headlines over a plate of poached eggs and toast.

“Sir,” Sandy said, walking into the morning room. “Our sources in Congress say there is talk of disbanding the federal government through a new constitutional convention.”

Dom immediately began growing his trademark grin that reveals his true nature. “Excellent! Just what I’ve been waiting to hear.”

“Why though?” Sandy asked, secretly questioning her role in his plan for the last six-months. “Why do you want to get rid of the government?”

Dom looked at her, making her shiver with fright. “Out with the old, in with the new. Send in Nash, please.”

She knew then, her days were numbered. She was no longer needed in his plan. “Yes, sir. It’s been a pleasure, sir.” She left the room wondering how it would be carried out, but didn’t need to wait long. She was dead before lunch.

“Sir?” Nash asked entering the oval office. “You wanted to see me?”

Dom waved for him to not even bother sitting.

“You will move into Sandy’s position beginning tomorrow. I want you to arrange a press conference and a meeting with Congressional representatives.”

“Yes, sir.” Nash nodded and left the President alone.

No questions were ever asked for the past two years. You either did as you were told, or you found yourself out. Out of a job if you were lucky – out of a life if you were unlucky. Dom sat at the desk and rehearsed his conference, making sure to emphasize keywords the mastermind says will prime the ignorant masses to think they are in control. Dismantling the educational system from within, bit by bit over the last two years ensured more people were believing what they read and heard from Dom’s news sources. Those who questioned were easily identifiable and silenced by the masses who thought Dom could do no wrong. The next move relies on the public’s ignorance and silence.

The news conference went exactly as planned. Dom was smiling on the outside and laughing manically on the inside. His address to congress would be short. The people were behind him. They think they are driving him to do this. As he walked onto the Senate floor, the room was packed with all congressional representatives, eager to hear what their leader needed to say.

He cleared his throat, flashed his trademark grin, and began his statement, raising both arms to silence the crowd. “The people have spoken,” he said, his grin getting wider. “You are no longer needed! As President of the United States, I am dismantling Congress and the Supreme Court until such time that the people deem it necessary to be governed again. Thank you.”

Dom exited the room as claps, hoots, boos, and shouts of treason roared. Three months more, he thought, three months max. He laughed out loud unable to contain his glee at how easy this was progressing. Back in his office, he called the mastermind to inform them of the move. They were pleased.

To be continued

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The Beach

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It was an amazing day at Fool’s Beach. Tide pool discoveries kept the kids entertained for most of the day, so Lance and I were able to enjoy ourselves.

“What’s wrong with the water?” Lance said, shielding his eyes from the sun to get a better look. “GRAB THE KIDS!”

“Susan! Michael! Jacob!” I screamed, running over to them as the crystal clear blue water began turning pink.

By the time we made it back to Lance, the beach was coated in blood. The sky went dark and the sounds of screaming echoed across the beach.


This drabble (100-word story) was written just because…lol. If you want to challenge yourself with this picture, please do. I love seeing all the different stories people see in pictures.

Once a Year

“Trick-or-treat!” Sadie screamed as she knocked on the door.

“Oh, my!” Mrs. Franks said, pretending to be scared when she opened the door. “What a scary goblin you are.”

Sadie laughed. “Trick-or-treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat,” she sang.

Mrs. Franks tossed in two miniature candy bars, laughing. “Thanks for the song, Sadie.”

“Thank you.” Sadie left the porch of the old house and started heading down the block to Mr. Jasper’s place.

“Why didn’t you go to this one?” a mermaid asked, pointing to the house next to Mrs. Franks with its porch light on.

Sadie stopped. Took one look at the mermaid costume and smiled. She loved mermaids. “I’m only allowed to go to people I know.” Sadie looked at her nearly empty My Little Pony pillowcase and frowned.

“What if we go together?”

Sadie thought for a second. “Dad said only houses I know or else I couldn’t go out by myself…but, I won’t be by myself now.” She grinned. “Okay.”

House by house a goblin and mermaid laughed the Halloween night away until the street lights came on.

“We better get home,” Sadie said, watching the last light come on. “My parents will skin me alive if I’m not back soon.”

“Don’t want that,” the mermaid said as they started running to Sadie’s house.

Her parents were on the porch waiting for their little goblin. They all waved as the mermaid walked down the street swinging their bright orange pumpkin pail full of candy. The mermaid walked through town listening to all the kids yell their last trick-or-treat. At the dock, the mermaid’s parents were waiting.

“Have fun sweetie?” her mother asked, giving her a big hug.

“Time to go home,” her father said, taking the pumpkin and setting it on a bench for a passerby to find it in the morning and think they hit the jackpot.

“Oh, it was so much fun,” the mermaid said as the family leaped into the ocean, returning to their underwater home.

This was written for the 3TC prompt: child, goblin, underwater

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