The Word Well

Is there a well
that holds
only words
where people come
from afar
to dip their bucket?

What happens
if this well
runs dry?
Does creativity
and languge
dry and decay
beyond recognition?

Did someone
take all the words
out of the well
and digitize them?

Does that define
creativity today?
Machines print
word after word
calling it a story
suitable for
human reading.

Is there a well
where others
can deposit
words they like
so that others
can use them?
Does this well
feed the human
or the

Words fall
like rain
on those
able to hear
able to read
able to dream.
Can machines

Only dreams
create stories
that feed
the common well.

(c) Teresa Grabs, 2018. All Rights Reserved.

I have no idea why these are wanting to come out like Captain Kirk is reciting it, but whatever, I’ll write what I hear…lol



Unexpected Guest

The server brought out the extra-large pepperoni pizza with garlic bread crust to the table. Before any of the group could grab a slice, a long, stringy haired man walked into the pizzeria, strode over to their table, leaned over and licked the garlic off the crust in one long sweeping circle, then straitened up, and walked back out the door. Everyone in the pizzeria sat there dumfounded by what they just watched.

“What the hell?” Josh asked after a few minutes.

“Oh, don’t mind him,” the store manager said, laughing. “He comes in once a week and does that.”

21st Century Cupid

“Everyone’s heard of cupid,” Jason said. “You know, that stupid little guy wearing a diaper flying around and shooting people with arrows to make them fall in love.”

“Duh,” Tony retorted while calling for two more beers. “So, what?”

“I’m going to be modern cupid.” Jason said, nodding his head and pointing to himself.

“That’s a very roseate view.” Tony looked at his friend and laughed.

“Stop using all that fancy, college talk.”

Jason looked around the bar and pointed to a lady sitting by herself at the end of the bar. “Her. I will have her before the end of the night.”

“Good luck, buddy,” Tony said as the next round around arrived.

Jason grabbed his beer, smoothed out his Baka and Test t-shirt, and headed for the young lady at the bar. He was in limerence and nothing was going to stop him. Two minutes lady he was back sitting with Tony nursing his beer, looking quite dejected.

“What happened to Mr. Lady Killer?” Tony quipped.

“Turns out they are quite the notorious trap.” Jason shook his head.

The young lady at the end of the bar stood up and walked past Tony and Jason on her way out.

“Night Tony,” she said.

“Night Frank,” he said.

Jason just stared as Tony and Frank laughed.

This short piece was inspired by Fandango’s word of the day: notorious, Cranny’s word of the day: limerence, and Merrian-Webster’s word of the day: roseate.