The words flow
from soul to page
while waiting backstage
beaming all aglow.

Time at last
to let others see
what is inside me
my creativity unsurpassed.

They call my name
I rise to leave
try to believe
this is my claim to fame.

Out on stage
before the crowd
standing proud
in the batting cage.

I give it my all
but there they sit
thinking me unfit
some start to cat call.

The curtain falls
the stage manager screams
tears flow in streams
you can hear him in the halls.

How was I supposed to know
the call for naked chicken
was actually baked chicken
tonight at the senior’s chateau.



Cheese and Jelly

“Chris, you need to have a talk with your son.”

“Oh, he’s my son now, huh? What’d he do this time?”

“I caught him red handed trying to feed the eggplant parmesan I spent all day preparing to the jellyfish!”

Chris looked at his wife. “Well, considering the jellyfish’s mouth is also its butt—”

Jessie stormed out of the room muttering something about filling the empty space between the ears of all the men living in her house with eggplant parmesan.

This was written for the Three Things Challenge prompt: eggplant, jellyfish, space

Practice Makes Perfect

Jason looked in the mirror and practiced his lines one more time.

“Step right up, folks,” he began, “allow me to have just a moment of your time to introduce you to our newest exhibit. Giselle joined up just last week and hails from the tropical island of …”

He smiled. His first time making it through the entire speech without messing up. He fixed his bow tie, put on his hat and left the house.

Once on the stage at the Intergalactic Carnival, the spot light shown bright in his eyes. He took a deep breath, opened his mouth ready to deliver his speech. And promptly threw up on the front row of spectators.

This was written for:
Fandango’s One Word Challenge prompt: mirror
Tales from the Mind of Kristian prompt: introduce