Is It Too Late

Did someone, somewhere invite them?

Would we even remember if we had?

What did we do to deserve this?

Do they want more than we have?

Do they want more than we can give?

What if we don’t have enough?

What if we don’t want them here?

Do we have to let them stay?

Do they mean us harm?

Will they help us?

Will they leave if we ask them to?

Is it already to late?


Summer War

After the slurpee machine broke at the town’s only 7-11, sales at Kevin and Bryson’s shaved ice stand flourished. They couldn’t keep Tigers’s Blood or Coconut syrup in stock. Everyone in town commented how nice it was to have a change from the old summer fare, so no one suspected that is was Bryson who broke the machine.

This was inspired by the Three Things Challenge prompts: tiger, coconut, slurpee and the Word of the Day Challenge: flourish