The Party

The party invitation arrived in an ostentatious envelope complete with melted wax seal, red ribbon binding, and custom printed card stock. The tooth fairy cringed as they opened it. Nothing would make their only day off a year better than attending the twenty-third anniversary of Matilda Shark’s first kill.

The day of the party arrived and, as they expected, the party was quite a bore. Matilda Shark was exceptionally full od jabberwocky that day and the other guests at the party were becoming tired of listening to her nonsense.

“I thought this was celebrating Matilda’s first kill,” the Easter bunny whispered to Santa’s elves when Matilda wheeled out a birthday cake topped with more candles than they would count.

“What kind of party is this really?” the tooth fairy quietly asked cupid.


Matilda began laughing hysterically as she quietly locked her guests in the room. That’s when the tooth fairy realized it was all a hoax. This party was Matilda’s grandfather’s two hundredth birthday party and they were the present.

This story was inspired by–
Three Things Challenge prompts: shark, tooth fairy, birthday cake
Fandango’s One Word Challenge prompt: ostentatious
Word of the Day Challenge prompt: hoax
Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day: jabberwocky