Another Remake

It was a balmy evening at the beach club, but most people still showed up to the nightly open-air movie. Alex cursed as sand filled his sandals. He hated the beach. The sand got everywhere and stuck to everything. If it wasn’t for the fact that he wanted to impress Amber, he wouldn’t have booked the trip. The only redeeming event of the whole week, at least for Alex, was yesterday’s lecture on rising sea levels due to the melting polar ice caps. If last night was any indication of how Amber felt about the trip, and Alex, he was sure they would be married by the end of the year.

“Everyone ready?” the emcee shouted to the crowd as if they were at a music concert.

“I’m shivering with anticipation,” Alex said under his breath.

Amber giggled as she snuggled closer on their beach blanket.

“You are in for a real treat tonight, folks,” the emcee began, “we have the pleasure of being the first viewing audience for the newest version of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

Alex’s interest picked up. He went to the local midnight showing every month for the last thirty years and was a member of the international RHPS fan club. He actually began to smile with anticipation.

His smile came to a screeching halt when a seahorse appeared on the screen singing rather than a giant pair of lips.

“What the hell is this?” he whispered to Amber, who was absolutely giddy with excitement.

“I heard about this,” she said, patting his leg. “It’s an undersea remake using sea life to draw attention to the ocean’s plight.

“You like this?”

“Sure…don’t you?”

Alex stood up, returned to the hotel room, packed, and took an Uber to the airport.

This short piece was inspired by–
Alan’s Anarchy Daily Prompt: summer
Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day: balmy
Word of the Day Challenge prompt: anticipation
Fandango’s One Word Challenge: almost
Three Things Challenge prompts: sandal, polar ice cap, seahorse