La Casa Del Diablo

Photo Credit: Susan Spaulding

Everyone in town avoided the little cafe on the edge of the town, and for good reason. Many remember when the Army found all those bodies after the mayor ordered the arrest and execution of Senor Diablo and his men. They caused havoc in the region with their nighttime raids that struck fear into everyone’s heart.

Fifty years had not silenced the stories from survivors. After the foreigners opened a cafe in Senor Diablo’s old barn, talk of sightings started again. First it was shadows slithering between the tumbleweeds and cactus, but then the kids went missing last month. It was happening all over again. Townsfolk were not going to allow it to happen.

Late last night, under the full moon, the town grabbed torches, crucifixes, and family bibles, and headed to the cafe. The cafe was full of customers who only walked in the shadows. Padre Garcia called on Michael’s guidance and blessed the townsfolk as they stormed the cafe.

By morning only a burnt shell remained. The town decided this would never happen again. They blew up the mine under the cafe and blessed the rubble. Today, the ground is black and serves as a warning to all.

This 200-word story was written for Sunday Photo Fictioner



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