You Were Saying

Set milk on counter.

Open freezer door and grab the chocolate ice cream.

Set top on counter and pick up container from the floor.

Open drawer and take out spoon.

Throw away broken spoon and get larger one.

Throw away bent spoon.

Grab knife and carve ice cream from carton.

Punch holes in carton trying to get ice cream out.

Fill up milkshake cup with ice cream chunks.

Pick up chunk off counter and toss it in the cup.

Wipe hands on pants.

Lift milk carton and begin pouring into cup over ice cream chunks.

Jump back, set milk down, pick up spilled cup, and grab roll of paper towels.

Clean up mess and try again.

Get new roll of paper towels. Pin cup in top drawer.

Finally get milk in cup.

Put cup in maker and turn on machine.

Jump back. Turn off machine. Grab paper towels and wipe off shirt.

Take off shirt for easier clean up.

Turn on machine and take chocolate misting shower.

Two glasses from cabinet on counter.

Begin pouring into first cup.

Pick up first cup and spoon shake chunks back into cup.

Wedge cup 1 into drawer and pour milkshake in.

Wedge cup 2 into drawer and pour milkshake in.

Set down milkshake cup on counter.

Look at leftover milkshake flow from slippery milkshake cup.

Spoons in cups and cups to laughing children.

Return to kitchen.

Hear wife returning from grocery store.

Try to decide to blame the kids or not.

“Good heavens! What happened in here Jeff?”

Could he do it? Would she believe it?

“What? Just made the kids milkshakes.”

Blanche stood in the doorway laughing at the state of her husband and kitchen.

“Only you could make this much mess for such a simple task,” she said in between laughs.

Warning sounds of ripping paper were downed out by her laughter until it was too late.

A dozen eggs, grape jelly, and mayo lay splattered at her feet.

Jeff laughed. “You were saying?”



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