Masks People Wear

Why do people wear masks?
What are they hiding?
Do they think we don’t see?
Do they think we don’t know?
Everyone sees and everyone knows.
Masks are obvious.
They stick out like a sore thumb.
There are all different types of masks.
Each one comes with different responsibilities.
There’s the flattery mask that requires positive feedback.
There’s the happy mask that paints the world your favorite color.
There’s the online mask pieced together by likes and following.
What is hiding under these masks though?
Each mask works best when balanced by itself.
Flattery and flattery paint the world in a positive light.
Happy and happy means there is no sadness.
Online and online creates a false sense of community.
Why are people afraid to remove their masks?
Will it show they are in the wrong group?
Would they have to face their own reality?
Would it make them less connected?
Would they really be one of the masses?
Can people survive without their masks?
Why don’t they take them off to see?
They may see all those not wearing masks.
The invisible ones who keep the masked ones happy.
Who keep them content.
Who furnish the masks they wear daily.
Masked or unmasked–the choice is yours.
Which do you choose?


The Bakery

Photo by Honey Fangs on Unsplash

“Amaretti biscuits,” called Daisy.

“Eclairs for George,” hollered Issac.

Joshua kicked lazily mulling naan or pionono.

Quiche rested, scones toppled under varied weights.

“Xuixo,” yelled Zach.



The Fly Army

With a quick flick of the enemy’s wrist, our queen was dead. Mother to nearly a thousand of us with millions of grandchildren and great-grandchildren in the attic and garden. The enemy declared war and we were prepared to answer the call.

First wave approached from the front. Hate to say it, but they were on the front line for a reason. They didn’t know up from down or left from right. They were useless. Disposable. The enemy was doing us a favor by disposing of them. The giant was caught off guard and called for reinforcements, but wave two was waiting by the entrances to stealthy enter the battlefield.

Two against thousands was unfair, but they should not have killed our queen! Waves two and three wait. Watch. Learn. We already know much of our enemy, but fighting both will require more tactic.

“General 2, you know what to do.”

Wave two flew in as the last member of Wave 1 was laid to rest in the pit in the floor. Quietly, Wave 2 landed on the pants and shirt of the enemy. Slowly climbed the treacherous terrain heading for the summit.  Would they take the bite? Yes! In one quick flick, the reinforcement slapped the enemy making it scream. Wave 2’s mission was almost complete. Buzzing around the enemies making them attack each other until either the enemy surrendered or Wave 2 fell to their graves.

The enemy regrouped and slaughtered Wave 2. “General 3, your turn!”

General 3 led his wave of three hundred soldiers from the attic onto the battle field. They swarmed around the enemies as they retreated to the nursery. What! This was not anticipated.


Some of Wave 3 joined the females and grabbed as many children as they could trying to get them to safety. Wave 3 was being decimated left and right as the enemy hurled towels causing them to crash to the ground or into the walls. The enemy was laughing, but not for long.


Soon every available fly in the house and surrounding bushes stormed into the nursery. The light blocked by our bodies. Buzzing and flying around the enemy until they surrendered. One enemy dropped to the ground!

“We’re winning. Don’t stop. Get them!”

The grounded enemy crawled to the wall and dug through the empty nursery. It pulled out a shiny, cold object. I flew in to investigate just as the enemy engaged the device. Smoke filled the room as the enemies fled.

“We have one. They surrendered. We have –”


Told you in the other post, it sounded like a cool story idea…lol

Time For Something Different

So, I keep reading and hearing all about people who free-write for five minutes…but I just can’t do that. My mind doesn’t work that way. I told someone that yesterday and they just laughed. Yes, I can produce short stories at the drop of the hat, but those are not always full, fleshed out stories. I will be the first to say that some of my stories have been crap. Some are good though, and I am happy with whatever gets written. I never know when I may revisit a story and flesh it out more or explore it further (Old Man Cooper for example).

To “show” why I say it’s difficult for me to free-write for five-minutes, I am doing this post. Now, for some context, my son is in the other room playing on the computer with his friends as usual, and I have the tv off (nothing to watch anyway). The only noises are the birds outside and the occasional car. The silence is very deafening and annoying really.

But….I will set the timer for 5-minutes and type everything that goes through my head.

This may be fun…may be really stupid as well. With me you never know.

Timer set

Damn that bird is really annoying. I wish it would go away. Where should we move to? We could move to Oregon, but I don’t want to live in Portland. It was nice and all but no. Finally that bird left. Damn flies. Sit on the fly swatter just tempting its fate. What was that! WTF! What was that noise? Why are you jumping off your chair? Numbnut! Okay, where was I. Flies. I should write a story about a fly army that revolts after their queen is killed by a flyswatter. Sweet lord, that bird is back. Gah, its hot in here. 84. Is it too hot or not really. Damn fly leave my foot alone. Yourr days are numbered. Anyways, back to the fly army. They could swarm Air Force One and down it, but…no, he’s a parents and I don’t wish ill will on his kid…good lord the timer’s going off already.

Timer turned off

Um, yeah, so I wrote 156 words and actually came up with maybe one sentence…lol.

Maybe its a good thing computers can’t read what’s going through our minds and type it…lol