Beware the Man in Gray

The man in gray traveled alone. Always alone. He never stayed long in one town and never carried more than his sketch book and pencil that never seemed to whittle down to nothing no matter how many sketches he made. News traveled fast in these parts. Stories about the man in gray and the dead he leaves in his wake. Women in Empty Gulch saw him coming first and hollered for their children. Shutters slammed shut as he made his way through town. The miners quaked watching him sit down under the oak tree and open his sketch book.

This 99-word story was inspired by Carrot Ranch’s Flash Fiction Challenge to: in 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that is a sketch or about a sketch.


7 thoughts on “Beware the Man in Gray

  1. What I most enjoyed about your flash (after the goosebumps settled) is how easily this man in gray settles into the area among the hardworking people of coal mine country. It has wonderful layers, too.

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