Her Flower Garden

Lily couldn’t understand why her Frank was so obtuse about her garden. Didn’t he understand that the ability to raise a flower from seed to bloom year after year was good training for being a parent. Sure, she had tried for nearly forty years to get her garden to take, but he didn’t have to go berserk every time she ordered seeds from the catalog. The latest spring catalog was just part of a tome she ordered in the fall. This year she was sure her daisies, phlox, winter jasmine, and pansies will grow.

Frank sat in the porch swing looking at his wife in her garden. Over forty years she had grown more beautiful with her red hair getting redder and her freckles getting darker. He often wondered what their children would have looked like, and if he would have been a grandpa. These thoughts remind him of the nightmare he has been living since he married Lily though. Years ago, he decided that he could hate his life and their life together, but still love her. That made the years manageable. Still, he wondered if she would ever figure out that he’s a park ranger in Death Valley National Park.

This was inspired by the following prompts:

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: nightmare
Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day: tome
Word of the Day Challenge: obtuse
Three Things Challenge: berserk, husband, freckles


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