Stretching The Truth

“Man, I can’t believe they sent us more of these things,” Amy complained, opening the tenth case of white mohair sweaters.

“Tell me about it!” Julie nodded. “Why on Earth would they send us these in the middle of summer?”

“Team huddle,” Bryce announced.

The sales team began grumbling as they all saw the mohair sweaters. Commission was hard enough to come by in this store, but selling products no one wanted was the last straw.

Bryce cleared his throat. “Home office is going to close us down if our sales don’t increase.”

“What!” Amy hollered.

“I know, I know,” he said, raising his hand trying to calm everyone down. “Not much we can do. That’s why they sent us all this crap.” He kicked an open case of sweaters and shook his head.

“Isn’t there anything we can do?” Julie asked.

“I don’t know. Unless we somehow manage to knock this lot out. I don’t think so.” He sighed and left them to run their shift.

“Man, I need this job,” Amy and Angela grumbled as they went back to unpacking the new shipment.

Julie thought for a moment, looking at the pile of sweaters. They look like a sleeping Yeti, she thought to herself. She grinned, pulled out her phone, and dialed Jack. Jack was her friend who had a college radio program and website for weird people.

By the late afternoon when Bryce returned, the store was packed with customers all demanding the new mohair sweaters. He couldn’t believe it as he weaved his way to the back room.

“Julie? What’s going on?”

She just sat there and laughed. “As soon as people heard we the world’s only sweater made from Yeti hair collected by mountain villagers, they flocked here to get one before they sell out for this season. It’s a long time before they molt again.”

Workers at the mall information booth could hear Bryce’s laughter six stores down.

This story was inspired by another 4th place finisher in the Camp NaNoWriMo vote: sweater / flock / mountain.



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