Early theories of using black holes for time travel were proven accurate hundreds of years ago, but none dared to use that knowledge to change history. Where would they even start? The war that ripped nations apart would be a good start, but did our problems really start there? How about the Moscow Agreement of 2023, where the U.S. became the first 21st century colony to Russia? No…how about just before the nuclear attack on major US cities by North Korea, Iran, and China in 2019? Oh, how about before President Trump was elected. That would be a good place to change history, wouldn’t it? Would that solve all our problems? Was everything perfect before then? How about preventing Saddam Hussein from coming into power, or Napoleon, or  Alexander the Great? Let’s not forget Xerxes, Genghis Khan, and Hitler. There are so many points in history where time could be changed that would benefit all of us, isn’t there? We could save people from 9/11, the Titanic, and Pompeii. Maybe even prevent the spread of disease throughout the world, or prevent the slave trade, or assassinations. There are so many possibilities. Maybe this is why none have had the willpower to travel through time and change our history. Do we enjoy being slaves to the Nalaxians? Has that been our destiny? What would happen if we just prevented the space force that started our intergalactic problems? We were not ready for space warfare and they knew it. They always knew it. That’s why they stayed back. Waited. Wanted a fair fight. He didn’t. He never stopped to ask. Never stopped to think. Humans need to be free. Humans. Yes. That is our main problem. The point of no return. It all started there. No humans mean no wars, no famine, no droughts, no irreversible environmental damage, no alien attacks, no enslavement. Tonight will be the night. Willpower must be found. Steal a ship and fly it though the black hole. Forgiveness will be found for destroying the first mouse, won’t it? Teacher said humans are descended from mice which is why we are so easily controlled.


A few weeks ago, some of my readers voted in a poll for Camp NaNoWriMo. This story was inspired by the 4th place finishing prompt: Future / black hole / willpower


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