Three Things Challenge, 30 June 2018


Welcome to a special holiday Three Things Challenge! Today is Great American Picnic Day, International Asteroid Day, and Social Media Day.

Everyday I post three seemingly unrelated things and the challenge is to find a creative way to use those things.

This can be anything you want it to be…the point is to have fun, share, and be inspired.

To participate, simply link to this page (creating a pingback) or posting a link to your contribution in the comment section.

Remember, anything goes…just have fun!

Today’s things are: picnic, asteroid, social media


You Know You Have A Teenager When…

You have forgotten what your child looks like behind their smartphone.

Bathing is now a four letter word.

They had better teeth brushing skills at five years old.

One chore is equivalent to asking them to move Mt. Everest with their bare hands.

They want you around when there are bees but you better not be seen by another living soul.

One YouTube video makes them subject-matter experts.

You know nothing because you don’t understand what it’s like to go to school.

Nature plays cruel jokes on parents by turning off the teenager’s sense of smell.

Childhood toys fill box after box because, while they never want to look at them again, the thought of giving away their toys is tantamount to asking them to cut off a limb.

Bedtime means anytime before dawn.

The new clothes purchased last week are now too small.

Beware the Man in Gray

The man in gray traveled alone. Always alone. He never stayed long in one town and never carried more than his sketch book and pencil that never seemed to whittle down to nothing no matter how many sketches he made. News traveled fast in these parts. Stories about the man in gray and the dead he leaves in his wake. Women in Empty Gulch saw him coming first and hollered for their children. Shutters slammed shut as he made his way through town. The miners quaked watching him sit down under the oak tree and open his sketch book.

This 99-word story was inspired by Carrot Ranch’s Flash Fiction Challenge to: in 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that is a sketch or about a sketch.