Come Over Here

Brandy and Charlie were spending the summer with their grandparents out in the woods. This was their first summer visiting without their parents and they were taking full advantage of it. They left every morning just after breakfast and returned as the sun was setting for a late supper. Their grandparents would often debate about about whether they should allow them to play alone in the woods, but Grandpa Charles grew up in those woods and knew every inch of them. As long as the kids stayed away from the old cave by the devil’s bridge, then they were safe. One night in late July, as the sun was setting and the kids had not returned yet, the woods began to howl. Charles knew it was too late.



The TV sits, only showing a blank screen. Nothing more, nothing less. Yet, every evening Henry sits after a hard day watching the screen and laughing with the audience at his favorite show.

The radio sits in the corner plugged in, turned to his favorite station. Every night before bed, he turns on the radio and listens and dances to his favorite songs.

The table is set for two as Henry prepares one meal and sits talking and laughing with an empty chair.

As he prepares for the day, he searches for his house keys only to remember only he remains.

The Future of Space Force

Long after space force and the war that wiped out nearly sixty percent of life on Earth, the greatest decision facing the United Earth Government was what to do with the space platforms still in working condition. Some had recommended they be destroyed, but the risk to the remaining population was too great. Others had recommended sending war criminals there to live, but that was deemed too risky. The world already witnessed what could happen when too many nationalists band together. No, they must be kept apart for the rest of their natural lives. Eventually a plan was agreed upon and urgent messages were dispatched to Svalbard.

“Attention survivors,” the UEG president said over the radio. “Today marks a rebirth of our history and strength of our resolve. The UEG has voted unanimously to re-open and maintain the thirteen space platforms still in working condition. They will not be weapons used to destroy us, but rather tools for future generations. We have requested the vault be opened and seeds delivered to Space X for immediate transport to the platforms. By this time next year, our conservation program will be in full operation and we can once again have pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, and green beans. Any food that can be grown in zero-gravity will be grown and shipped back to Earth until such time the Earth is able to sustain food production again. This truly is a remarkable day for the future of human life on Earth.”

This story was inspired by the 3rd place winning vote: conservation, pumpkin, space

Get Your Candy Here

Halloween is always a difficult time of year. Candy everywhere. There’s sweet candy, sour candy, hot candy. There’s sticky candy, hard candy, soft candy, and candy that was created by the tooth fairy to rip out teeth at the very sight of it. There’s all kinds of candy. Having so much candy to choose from isn’t what makes Halloween difficult. It’s having to explain a million times during the month of October why you’re not too keen on candy. Any candy. No, I won’t like this one because its a mix of sweet and sour. No, I won’t like that one because its gooey and crunchy at the same time. No, I won’t like that one because its liquid and solid at the same time. Other people never seem to understand how a sugar plum fairy can’t be keen on candy. And don’t even get me started on December!

This short piece was inspired by Ragtag Prompt #32 — Keen