Waiting In Line

Ani had been waiting in line at the mall’s pizza stand for more than twenty minutes already. She watched as other customers walked away with their pizza slices while her line never moved. She was beginning to lose her patience, but, as her mother always told her, “a proper lady never looses her temper in public.” Maybe that’s why her mother always locked herself in the basement when Ani was younger and wouldn’t come back up until her father got home from work.

She stood in line, tapping her foot as George walked past. “Hey George.”

“Hey! What’s up?”

“Waiting for this crazy line to move.”

“Oh, well, have fun.”

A few minutes later George walked past carrying a tray with two slices of pizza on it. That was the last straw! She took a few deep breaths trying to calm herself down, but it was no use. She decided she was not a proper lady.


The entire mall food court stared at her. The line did not move.

“HEY! YOU!” she screamed tapping the man in front of her on the shoulder.

He didn’t turn around.

“ARE YOU DEAF TOO, YOU STUPID DICK!” she shoved him and he toppled to the ground taking out the person in front as well. That’s when she saw the sign for the fashion sale at Fred’s Family Fashions.

Slowly she turned around to see the entire mall food court staring at her. She cleared her throat and proudly declared, “Sometimes, all you need to do is see someone completely make an ass of themselves to realize that your life isn’t so bad after all. You’re welcome.”



The Real Story of Mel’s Diner

Little did Mel know that while he was in the back scrambling the eggs, Alice, Flo, and Vera were plotting the Second Civil War in the diner while Tommy was at home sewing ‘kiss my grits’ onto their campaign flags.

This short was inspired by the great TV show Alice, the Three Things Challenge prompts of Mel, Alice, and Diner, and the fantastic tweet Alex Jones made yesterday announcing that democrats were starting a 2nd Civil War on July 4, 2018.

Contract Unraveled

Photo by analogicus at pixabay.com


The chains of humanity unraveled. The raw viciousness long thought buried exposed. People long ago signed a contract to abide by the rules. None expected the contract to be sold and corrupted for personal gain. Everyone on edge, nerves exposed, waiting to erupt. Choices abound.


This 280-character piece was inspired by:
Word of the Day Challenge — exposure
Twittering Tales # 91 — chains
FOWC with Fandango — contract
Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day — regardless

**sorry for using so many challenges at once. It’s a really hot day today and I want to do a few other things than write (although I will still be writing). Keep an eye out for Chapter 3 of Reflected Echo later today though. Have a great day!