Passing On The Love

When Elizabeth was a little girl and her family lived in the one-room sod house, her father made all her play things. Her favorite was one of Mother’s buttons in the middle of a string. She would flip the string over and over then watch the button spin as she moved the string closer together and farther apart.

She lived with her granddaughter, Katie, and her family for seven years until she passed. Every so often Katie or one of her daughters will find a button laying on the floor or attached to a string. Grandma Liz saying hello.

This 99-word story was written for the Carrot Ranch flash fiction prompt: button.


The Subtle Expert

People listened to the news as their idol spoke. They admired his money, his honesty, and the words he used. He seemed to be one of them. Spoke directly to them. Little did they know he was an expert in sophistry. They would learn though. In time.

This short piece was inspired by Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day: sophistry


Amber was babysitting her three nieces for the weekend. She loved her nieces, but rarely got to see them since they and their mother lived in Mystic and Amber lived in Ashville. She had a great weekend planned with activities for each of the girls. Make-up and art with 12-year-old Elaine, nature walk with 8-year-old Julia, and tv-shows with 5-year-old Lizzie. Amber thought a lot about what shows her and Lizzie could watch together. She went to her attic and pulled out all the old VHS tapes from when she was a kid. She reminisced about Eleroo, Butterbear, and all the other Wuzzles and knew Lizzie would love them too. There were takes of Kids Incorporated and Fraggle Rock that were sure to entertain as well. She decided just to pull down the whole box and let Lizzie choose between Today’s Special or Electric Company, and Captain Kangaroo or Land of the Lost. Amber laughed as she read each title and thought back to the hours she spent in front of the television every Saturday morning watching cartoons.

Friday afternoon arrived, and Teri arrived with the kids. Amber ran outside as Teri honked sporting a huge grin. She was so happy to see her nieces. Teri got out of the car and looked just like Amber remembered her sister the last time they saw each other four years ago. They hugged and Amber started laughing, remembering all the pranks they played and stories they told each other during the long summer nights at their grandparent’s cabin. Her smile faded as Elaine stepped out of the car with her nose planted firmly in her cell phone.

“Hey, Aunt Amber,” Elaine said as she shuffled past her and into the house.

“Teenagers,” Teri said. “Oh, by the way, she’s decided she wants to be called Erza this week.”

“Oh, okay.”

Julia slid out of the car next as Amber’s eyes widened. Julia was dressed in all black, black gloves, and a vail. Amber looked at Teri who just shrugged. “She’s decided to mourn for all the eaten animals throughout history. Oh, yeah, and she’s a vegan too.”

“Hi, Julia,” Amber said, stretching her arms out for a hug.

“Julia is dead. Long live Amazonia,” Julia said, walking past Amber and into the house.


“Yeah, she’s gone weird.”

Amber thought that at least little Lizzie would still be fun, after all, she was only five. No teenage angst or impressionable social warrior, right? That thought flew out the window when Lizzie walked around the side of the car wearing a Deadpool costume.

“Yeah, Bill took her to see it in the theater and she’s been obsessed over since.”

Amber smiled and nodded. “That’s okay. Hi, Lizzie. Are you excited for our sleepover?”

“Did you ever hear about the one legged man in the ass kicking competition?” Lizzie asked Amber.

Teri covered Lizzie’s mouth before she could quote anymore lines and chuckled. Kids…am I right? “Go inside, hun.”

“Yeah.” Amber raised her eyebrows and laughed half-heartedly.

“Well, have a great time with the kids, and I’ll pick them up Monday morning. Thanks, sis.”

“Oh, yeah. We’ll have a great time!”

As soon as Teri pulled out of the driveway, Amber turned and heard Lizzie shouting Deadpool quotes, Amazonia yelling about plastic containers in the refrigerator, and Erza was complaining about the wi-fi. “Yeah, great weekend ahead.” Amber sighed and went inside.

This was inspired by the Three Things Challenge prompts: Captain Kangaroo, Wuzzles, and Electric Company

What Happened In The Courtroom

The trial had been carrying for three weeks now and everyone was beginning to get tired of the routine. Mr. Port, the plaintiff’s attorney, was going in for the kill today as Prunella testified.

“Now, Miss Prunella, last week you tried telling us that my client made amorous advances toward you. Is that correct?”

“Yes, he did.”

“I object,” Miss Arthur said. “My client said he asked her out on a date no fewer than twenty times in the span of three days.”

Everyone in the courtroom looked at Miss Arthur as she realized her mistake. “Never mind.”

Miss Arthur objected to every object that Mr. Port entered into evidence, just as she had every day for the past three weeks. Everyone in the courtroom started grumbling, until Prunella stood up and addressed the court herself.

“Your honor, this is getting ridiculous! Fine, I admit it! I poured paint on his car, but that’s only because I misspelled amorous when I was trying to tell him I liked him too. Now, can you please tell my lawyer to admit that she is in love with Mr. Port and this whole stupid thing has been going on for three weeks just so that she can see him.”

“Oh my God,” Julian said. “You do like me? That’s so cool. Want to go out when this is over?”

“Sure.” Prunella giggled.

“By the way,” he said, “he secretly loves her as well. Ask about the object in his pocket.”

“I object,” Miss Arthur and Mr. Port said together.

“Case dismissed,” the Judge said.

This piece was inspired by:
FOWC with Fandango — object
Word of the Day Challenge — amorous