Life With George


Ape had to earn a living somehow after Ursula left and took Shep with her, and George sure wasn’t getting anywhere with his writing pursuits.





What’s In A Name

Humans have a funny way about them. They name each other and animals before even getting to know them, or their personalities, or their mind. Human parents never seem to stop and think what this child is going to be.  What if their male child wanted to become a ballet dancer and they named him Duff or Genghis? Imagine the horror of being named Lily or Iris and wanting to become a football player? Yes, those humans are a funny bunch. So, when you first land and begin your scouting report, remember to record names, but not pay them much mind. We have as much to fear from a Donald or Kim than we do an Adolf or Vladimir.

The Last To Go

Whenever there is a crisis and loss of life, people always comment about those poor people and how it was tragic. Eventually talk shifts to laughter and people quip about hating to be the first to go or happy to be the first to go so that they wouldn’t suffer. As the deaths rise though, no one stops to ever think about the last to go. The one who has been tortured seeing others slip away while holding on to hope of rescue. No, no one ever jokes or laughs about being the last the go, because they had the hardest route of them of all.


** While this short is very thought provoking and sad (I was thinking of the Smith Mine when I wrote it, it got me thinking about dystopian stories and survival stories. We love to hate the creators of the rigid world the survivors live in, but let’s face it, if you were part of a small group that survived whatever it was that destroyed almost all humanity on Earth, you’d be a little concerned about it happening again too.

For those who don’t know what happened at the Smith Mine (it was a real disaster), here’s a great song by Montana Tunesmith that tells a little about it….

Where Are They?

I know they were here.
They have to be here.
I’m here.
If I’m here, then they’re here.
I am sure I looked everywhere.
I still can’t find them.
Where can they be?
I did have them, didn’t I?
I know I had them at the store.
I had to have them driving home.
I am sure I had them when I walked in.
Didn’t I?
Have you seen them?
Because I haven’t been able to find them.
I better call the police.
See if they have seen them.
Maybe someone found them.
They would know who they belong to.
Wouldn’t they?
Maybe they’ll call me.