Where’s The Recipe?

Andrew was a classically trained French chef who worked at L’oie Volante for the past ten years. He knew everything there was to know about French cuisine. There wasn’t anything he couldn’t cook.

Leslie was a world-renowned pastry chef. She studied under the finest pastry chefs in France, Italy, Japan, and the United States. She knew everything there was to know about pastries. There wasn’t a flavor combination she hadn’t tried.

Unfortunately for Andrew and Leslie, there wasn’t a recipe for marriage.


Saturday Soundtrack, 7 July 2018

Okay, thanks to NewEpicAuthor for telling me that I can, in fact, put videos  in my posts as a free blogger! Now you all get to enjoy some of my favorite songs in something I am going to call Saturday Soundtrack.

Today’s premiere post goes full summer themed and I have picked three songs (I’m probably going to limit it to three songs since that would be ridiculous if I didn’t) that contribute to a great summer soundtrack to life.

If you want to play along, please do…you know I love reading all your posts!

Without further ado, here are my top three songs that would best describe my summer…

Roll Me Away by Bob Seger

Passenger Seat by SheDaisy (p.s. I dream of having a VW bus!)

Kokomo by The Beach Boys (what summer would be complete with the Beach Boys?)

On Vacation

If you asked anyone at the Boar’s Head Pub, the all-hours gym, or well, basically anyone who ever met Liam, you would hear the same three words–gregarious, funny, and all-around great guy. Okay, the last one is more than three words, but you get the point. My point is that Liam was the quintessential “people person”. The guy everyone wanted to be around. Sure, he was a little eccentric at times, but who isn’t. No one really cared that he preferred horseradish on his fries or tartar sauce on his hamburgers. Everyone has weird eating habits. People did think that his taste in humor was a bit off, but who’s isn’t nowadays. It wasn’t until the day he stopped coming to the pub that people really started talking about Liam and his strange habits.

Rumors flew and eventually a betting pool opened about where he was and what he was hiding under the great guy facade. After a week, Liam still didn’t show up at the pub, or anywhere else for that matter. He had disappeared off the face of the planet. The pub regulars drew straws and Carson got the short end of the stick. With a little prodding, okay and a threat to have his tab closed, Carson headed over to Liam’s house to see what was up. When he got there, the house was empty except a refrigerator full of socks, a freezer full of flat, ironed boxers, and a cabinet of nothing but horseradish. On the refrigerator was a note which read, “Had a great time, thanks! Holiday’s over. Went home. Be back next time.”

This short was inspired by:

Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day — eccentric
FOWC with Fandango — quintessential
Word of the Day Challenge — gregarious

Summertime Blues

Frankie found that living in the country was not all she thought it would be. Yeah, the open land and fresh air sure beat the constant din of Times Square where she lived most of her life. Sounds of the city were replaced by cicadas and mosquitoes. Being allergic to mosquitoes really gave her the blues since all the activities in her town took place outdoors draped by the setting sun. No amount of bug spray would keep them at bay. They just loved her…well, her blood at least. So, every night, inside she stayed and listened to rock n’ roll instead wishing she was back in New York City with the more manageable night time animals.

This short was inspired by the Three Things Challenge prompts: blues, rock n’ roll, country