What’s In A Name

Humans have a funny way about them. They name each other and animals before even getting to know them, or their personalities, or their mind. Human parents never seem to stop and think what this child is going to be.  What if their male child wanted to become a ballet dancer and they named him Duff or Genghis? Imagine the horror of being named Lily or Iris and wanting to become a football player? Yes, those humans are a funny bunch. So, when you first land and begin your scouting report, remember to record names, but not pay them much mind. We have as much to fear from a Donald or Kim than we do an Adolf or Vladimir.


5 thoughts on “What’s In A Name

    1. I loved watching wrestling before it became what it is today. Although I watched it in the 80s when we had George “The Animal” Steele (William Meyers, teacher from Chicago, who wrestled out of his viewing area so his students never knew).


      1. My ex BIL was a wrestler, and very good at the choreography. I loved to watch it on TV here in the UK on a Saturday afternoon at 4pm,, The Borg Twins, The Royals (Vic Faulkner and Bert Royal), Mick McManus, Catweasle,, Giant Haystacks, Big Daddy of course, and would shout abuse at the telly like most people at the bad guys. Oh yeah, those were the days.

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  1. I suspect the people whose names don’t ‘fit’ their personalities or professional choices use either abbreviations or, when old enough, change the name to something more suitable. Sometimes there’s a middle or second name one can opt to use too.

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