Don’t Dawdle At The Buffet

All the children gathered in the great room when they were called to be born. Before they could leave, though, they needed to fill their souls with everything they would need in their lives. Helpers filled the lines of options at each of the buffet lines and stood behind the line ready to pour the child’s selection into their cup. One by one, the children lined up and slowly walked down the line. Some liked the look of money and took double helpings, while some likes the sound of laughter and voices and took double helpings of those. Most children took a little of this and a little of that until their cups were full. At the front of the line, as each child prepared to make their journey, they drank from their cup, filling their soul then left. At the end of the line, one lone child was busy getting double and triple helpings of curiosity and wonder. They dawdled so long that they nearly missed their entry. The helpers had to take the child’s half filled cup, pour it down the child’s throat, then push them on their way. It wasn’t until all was said and done that everyone realized the child missed half the line. They didn’t learn the rules to surviving down there.

“Others will care for it and help it,” one helper said.

“Doubt it,” another said, looking at the compassion container that was nearly full.

“Oh. Looks like Peter will be busy with that lot.”



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