So, That’s How It Started

“Ugh, I hate the heat,” the boy said. “Why do we have to go out?”

“Because we need food,” his mother said.

“Then you go get the food.”

“If you want to eat, then you come help get the food.”

“But, it’s too hot!”

Mother looks at boy and sees caveman who helped invent cannibalism.

**I love em, but, its 92F (33C) with 80% humidity and feels like 100F (37C). Needless to say, a mile there and a mile back makes me hot and short tempered. More posts to come when I cool off.


Time For A Laugh

We’ve all heard of “On Top Of Old Smokey” and the lovely variation “On Top Of Spaghetti”. I love spoofs so much that I really don’t even remember the original anymore (and every time I see 300, I immediately start playing Meet the Spartans in my head).

But, this morning’s Sunshine Blogger got me wondering what other funny things could be set to that tune. I have on occasion thought of marbles on desks, pencils on desks, drinks on counters, but these all are common place…

So…let’s see what funny combinations we can come up with!