It’s Follow Friday

If you are on Twitter, then you know of this thing called Follow Friday…frankly I find it annoying over there for a ton of reasons, but…here? Now, here may be a great place for Follow Friday, since we cannot really see who we all follow–i.e. read.

Here, Follow Friday, could help spread new and old bloggers to a wider audience that may also enjoy their posts, comments, etc.

So….if you have a moment today, and are not following these fine folks, please have a gander at their blogs…

A Rambling Collective

A Writer’s Beginning

A Voice From Iran


All The Shoes I Wear

Armageddon Cafe

Bearded Igor Blogs




Everyday Strange

Gobblefunk Words

I Have Pretty Strong Convictions, I Guess

Jane Ridgewood

Lady Jabberwocky


McGee Travel Tales

Meg’s Magical Musings


Nightmare Unleashed

Pascale’s Healing Journey

Return of As It Stands

Robbie Yates

The Book Raven

The BookWorm Drinketh



23 thoughts on “It’s Follow Friday

  1. Love this! While I am not new to WordPress, I am fairly new to its writing community and have been struggling to figure out the best way to search out new blogs to follow. The Discover on the reader wasn’t doing me much good and even following certain hashtags didn’t help a whole lot. I’ve already found several in your list that caught my attention upon reading their posts and have followed them. It will take me a little while to get through the whole list, but this is much appreciated! Thank you!

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    1. My pleasure! I wish there was a way to better connect with other bloggers. A lot of people have complained about Discover because there seems to be a lot of politics involved behind the scenes. When I search by tag, I often find people who haven’t posted in months. It can be a little frustrating. The people I listed this time are a mix of old and new. I just wanted to share some of who I follow, hoping that others will find them too. Thanks for reading πŸ™‚


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