Someone Had To Be It

Brae disliked her family. Well, it wasn’t exactly her family she hated, it was her family curse that she hated. Everyone else in the family loved it though, which made family gatherings quite difficult. How the curse, or gift, affected them was different for everyone. Her brother was the luckiest. At least to Brae. Mack could grow anything, anywhere. Made science classes easy and he won the State Fair’s horticulture and vegetable contest for the past ten years. It just wasn’t fair. Aunt Honey had it easy too. It could be over a hundred degrees and she would never sweat or stink after a workout. She was always sweet smelling no matter what. No, life just wasn’t fair. No matter how much Brae complained, her mother would say, “It’s a gift, Sweetie. We are lucky to have it.”

Yeah, easy for them to say it’s great. But for me, Brae Appleseed, I hate being the worm.


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