It’s The 21st Century, What’d You Expect?

white-ship-traveling-through-vast-body-of-water-with-white-birds-flying-beside-879479 Pixel Photo

The people lined up at the dock kept looking at their watches and phones. The ferry should have been there by now. Where was it? Impatient people looked up and down the horizon trying to catch a glimpse of their ride.

“Where is it?” a little girl asked her mother.

“This is very bad service!” an older gentleman in a suit said.

“I’m leaving a negative yelp review, right now!” another young lady complained.

After hearing that, several people pulled out their cell phones and started writing reviews, only to find they had no cell service at the docks. Dozens on grumbles and moans rose from the growing crowd as the reality of their no-cell sunk in.

“Finally!” a middle-aged actor said with all the dramatic flair of an oscar winner.

The ferry arrived and a man in a black uniform opened the gates at the walkways.

“Hey, sorry folks!” Charon said, looking at the crowd waiting for him.

“It’s about time! If I had cell service I’d let everyone know what lousy service you provide!” the young lady said as she walked past the ferryman.

“It’s the 21st century! You’re dead! I’m dead! What would a bad review do?

This 200-words short was written for Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner – 2018 Week #29 


4 thoughts on “It’s The 21st Century, What’d You Expect?

    1. I think I have only missed a couple of the ffftpp since I started my blog. I don’t do the linkx because after a little while of visiting and reading everyone on there the only ones who read mine were already my followers. So, I just set a tag search in reader. I rarely get any traffic from participating in the challenges. Almost all my traffic comes from the reader…ie followers.

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