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Living in a world of ambiguity is very enticing. One could never be right or wrong, because there will always be an out. While it may be enticing, one should never live there. Not suggesting we need a Draconian life, either. Draconian and ambiguity seem to be polar opposites, which is perhaps why it is popular today. We are living in a world on the fringes. Maybe people influenced the election, they may have convinced the fringes they were actually the majority. Maybe too many of the middle became complacent. Maybe life has become too protected…too sheltered, though some may argue that was the plan all along. Decrease education and increase distrust in the very fabric of life for all except a few select people that form a new twenty-first century elite. Maybe too many people really do think the grass is greener for some. Maybe they forget how many hours are spent cultivating those grass shoots. Maybe people aren’t protected enough. This may be true since survivors are being sued for surviving a mass shooting. Maybe salvos need to be canceled, so we can protect everyone. Maybe we can stop living in an ambiguous world of ambiguity.

This was inspired by:
FOWC by Fandango — ambiguous
Word of the Day Challenge — enticing
Merriam-Webster Word of the Day — salvo


The Power Gods

Summer break from school was hard enough on Mary, but now the summer gods were testing her patience. It was a hundred degrees in the shade and the city just suffered another black out. The brown outs were bad enough, but this was the third black out in two weeks. Add three bored teenagers to the mix, and the five-bedroom brownstone seemed as small as one of those micro-houses in Oregon she saw on a commercial.

“Mom!” the middle demon from hell screamed when he discovered the power was now out.

“MOM!” the eldest demon from hell screamed when the blow dryer stopped working.

“M-m-m-m-m,” the youngest demon from hell muttered, walking into the front room already going into computer withdraw.

“Powers out! Go entertain yourselves!” Mary yelled.

All three little demons grumbled in the middle demon’s room. Then the eldest retrieved a grapefruit from the kitchen and returned to the room. A few minutes later, the middle demon rummaged through the battery drawer in the office and returned to the room. Sure enough, a few minutes later the youngest entered the living room, looked at his mother, disconnected the HDMI cord from the television, and silently returned to the room.

Silence filled the house. The kind of silence that sends the hairs on the back of parent’s necks to attention. Mary set her book down and walked the death mile to the middle demon’s bedroom and opened the door.

All three kids were sitting in a circle around the computer with the HDMI cord shoved into the grapefruit, wrapped in copper wire, attached to a small battery case that was attached to the plug of the computer. Six crazed eyes stared at her as she slowly backed out of the room. That power better come back on soon, she thought, or else they’ll sacrifice me to the power gods.

This short was inspired by the Three Things Challenge prompts: grapefruit, HDMI cord, battery

Worth A Thousand Words #2

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