Studio 54, Where Are You?

Every kid on the block sat on their stoops as the street lights came on watching people get in their cars all dressed up heading to the hottest nightclub in the city. Eddie and I turned on our radio and listened to disco music. We’d jump up and start dancing like we were in the city with all the famous and fabulous at Studio 54. We were going to go straight down there and ask Steve for a job as soon as we could pass for eighteen. Night after night we’d dance like we were right there with them. That was until the first report of drug use at the Studio hit the papers. Our parents had had enough with the city. Our dreams were shattered. Life out on Grandma and Grandpa Davis’ farm was slow, boring, and too quiet. Now the only music we have at night are June bugs slamming into the barn and cicadas trying to play the melody. Still, it could be worse. At least out here in the sticks, we are gods because we can dance.

This short was inspired by the Three Things Challenge prompts: disco, boy, june bug


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