Space Camp And Beyond

The Crapaud family lived on a little farm near a pond not too far from Huntsville, Alabama. All summer the kids would do nothing but talk about wanting to go to that Space Camp that NASA has in Huntsville. Every year, that’s all they would talk about. Mama Crapaud would just shake her head listening to their nonsense. They know they can’t go. They smell. No matter how much they bathe…the kids smell. They can’t help it. The whole family smells. It’s just the way it is. It’s always been that way. Mama Crapaud thought they just needed to get used to it and ignored the kids when they begged.

Finally, one hot July evening, after the kids had snapped her last nerve, she started screaming at them. “YOU AIN’T GOIN! YOU CAN’T GO! YOU’RE TOADS FOR CRINE OUT LOUD! NOW LEAVE ME ALONE!”

The kids cried themselves to sleep annoying the whole neighborhood. Mr. Krapo who lived next door paid Mama Crapaud a visit the next morning. They talked things over and Mama Crapaud agreed.

“Hurry up, kids,” she told her children. “Mr. Krapo is going to take you on a little trip.”

Together Mr. Krapo and the three Crapaud children hurried to their ride into Huntsville. There he introduced the kids to Mr. Krӧte who knew a NASA engineer, who knew a scientist who needed volunteers to go to space.

Two months later the Crapaud children got more than their wish…they went into space.

This short was inspired by the Three Things Challenge prompt: space camp, toad, smell



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