Rain, Rain, Go Away

If I’d stopped to think I might not have done it, but fury is a great disregarder of caution.

Go on the river they said. Rent a house boat they said. It will be fun they said. What is fun about mosquitoes, gators, and two kids stuck inside a confined space because of rain. Calm down they said. What if I don’t want to calm down! Claim temporary insanity.

This 50-word short was written for 50 Word Thursday #11 — Be sure to check out their site 🙂


First Street Vendor


The market seller searched all over their store for the specific item the customer wanted but could not find it. One would think that a 2 by 6 light-grey building piece would be easy to find…but, no, the seller had lots of other pieces, but not that one.

“How about two 1 by 6 pieces? Would that work?”

The young boy glared. The boy’s father glared. The market seller gulped.

“Of course, it wouldn’t work! What was I thinking? Forgive me.”

The market seller thought. “How about I get one for you?”

“You have one month to find what my son wants.”

The boy and his father returned to the palace and the market seller quickly collected his family. Together the market seller, his wife, and five children set off to find what the young boy wanted. Through burning sun, dune after dune, the family crossed the desert for six days heading for the coast where other merchants brought goods from all over the world.

No one there had what the market seller was looking for. Head North the other merchants said. So, the market seller and his family headed North across the sea in a boat. Eventually the air turned cold and the family huddled together for warmth. They came to a Northern city where there were many merchants, but they also did not have what the young boy wanted. Some took pity on the market seller and his family and gave them coats, blankets, and shoes. Head further North they said.

So, the market seller and his family headed further North. The children were shocked and amazed by the landscape of the North. Their home was nothing but tan sand, but here it was nothing but white snow. They walked and walked until they came upon a small patch of pine trees that formed a path leading to a small town made of ice. Somehow the people who lived there were able to color the ice which made everything bright and beautiful. Like the palace back home.

The market seller asked the first person he saw if they had merchants in their town and the person just laughed and laughed.

“Go up to the house on the hill by the trees over there and knock on the door,” they said.

That is exactly what the market seller and his family did. The woman who answered the door was very polite and invited them in. She called her husband in from the workshop and together they sat with the market seller and his family listening to his tale of how he came to be so far North. The woman’s husband laughed, then frowned, shaking his head.

“That piece doesn’t exist, I’m afraid.”

The market seller’s wife gasped and started to weep. Her family would be killed upon returning without the piece.

The woman looked at her husband and grinned. He shook his head. “How about you stay up here and help me?”

The market seller’s children cheered and giggled. His wife’s face lit up, and the market seller too became happy.

“Oh, thank you. We would love to. We could make food from home and sell it to the people of your town.”

“That sounds like a fantastic idea,” the man in red said.

And that is the story of how the North got its first street cart vendor.

This short gets me caught up with the WTAW (I cheated…lol).

A Letter To Santa

Dear Santa,

Hi! How are you? I hope you are well. How is Mrs. Claus? How are the elves? Everything here on the island is great. Well, not really, but it is Christmas soon and Mom said that you won’t come if I am not happy. I wish we were back home in Vermont. I miss the snow. We used to go sledding all day as a family and then sit by the fire and read stories filled with caring communities that come together to make something happen just in time for Christmas. Now, it’s just Mom, Dad, and me on the island in the middle of the Caribbean. Charlie is staying at college this year and there is no snow or anything here. I just want a little bit of what we used to have before Dad got this job. Well, thanks for listening and say hi to Mrs. Claus for me. Oh, and be sure to give your reindeer a little more treats this year since they work so hard for everyone without wanting much in return.


Angela Cooper

Dear Santa,

HOW DID YOU DO IT!!! I couldn’t believe it! I woke up this morning, opened my presents, and looked out the window. I screamed. It was perfect. The most perfect Christmas snowman. On the deck of the pool. A SNOWMAN! Just what I wanted. Mom and Dad were confused, but I knew. I knew it was you. Thanks for getting my Dad fired too. His boss called today and told him. We are leaving to go back to Vermont tomorrow. Charlie is so happy we’re going back home. Mom said we are going to have a Christmas do over the first weekend we get home! It’s going to be great! I don’t care what anyone says. You will always be real to me.


Angela Cooper

The Heartbroken Sonnet Lover

I was sitting in English class when it first stepped into sight. A snarling behemoth whose teeth were as large as skyscrapers. Everyone panicked, running for their lives. Maybe I was under the influence of Shakespeare as we were just reading Romeo and Juliet, but I really thought the large, angry, murderous monster was just a sensitive, misunderstood creature who didn’t get to choose its lot in life. Really, I felt bad for the thing. Until it came to the school. I started quoting Romeo and it seemed to work. It stood there listened. It’s snarl turned to a mere frown, if behemoths could frown. Then, as soon as I finished and spoke of how I felt really bad for Romeo and Juliet since all they wanted was to be happy, the monster shrugged. It literally shrugged. What? How can it not be a fan of Shakespeare and how could it not have a heart? It destroyed the school! The behemoth was just as shallow as the boys in my class! I was heart broken.

This short was inspired by:
Word of the Day Challenge — sensitivity
FOWC with Fandango — shallow
Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day — behemoth