Coolest Summer Ever



Eric was having the best summer of his life. For his fifteenth birthday, his parents decided to send him to his Uncle Jimmy who lived in New York for the summer. Uncle Jimmy was only an uncle through relation, not through maturity. He was nineteen and just finishing his first year at NYU. The whole summer was just two guys having the time of their lives. Eric had his first taste of beer, his first joint, and now his first taste of going to a rock concert that his parents would have never approved of. Jimmy was the cool older brother Eric always wanted.

Jimmy was a fan of The Devil’s Tongue and it just so happened they were playing one night down at the pier, so Jimmy bought them tickets and they were spending the whole day just having fun and hanging out. Eric was busy trying to impress some girls on the carousel when Jimmy decided to play a prank and slipped the operator a tenner. The operator turned it to ten and sent it spinning faster and faster around. The riders thought it was the greatest ride they had had…everyone except Eric. The speed activated his long thought dead motion sickness and he spewed all over the girls. Now, Jimmy and the ride operator thought that was the funniest thing ever and just let it spin until the operator’s face became Eric’s next target.

As the ride operator slowed the ride to let everyone off, Jimmy started laughing watching the crying girls and a very angry Eric stumble off the ride. Three guys got off the ride, stopping to help Eric. They saw Jimmy and started walking over to him. His smile faded, and his eyes grew as he recognized the guys.

“You coming to our concert?

“Yeah! I’m a huge fan.” Jimmy pulled out the tickets from his pocket.

The lead singer grabbed the tickets and tore them up, throwing them on the ground in front of Jimmy. The band walked back over to Eric, helped him get up, and took him over to the stage. He watched the show from backstage and became The Devil’s Tongue number one fan.

This was inspired by the WATW challenge and the Three Things Challenge prompts: fan, cool, summer


One thought on “Coolest Summer Ever

  1. This light hearted piece was really fun to read 😄 I could relate at the motion sickness part, though. I have it as well but I really love rides and I always feel anxious that I’d embarass myself some day heh

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