Come And Get It

Chester did the best he could for his children after his wife left, but the restaurant seemed to take more time than ever with the deadline to get the new menu set coming up and by the time he got home, being a short-order cook for three picky children was more than he could stand. Tonight was no different.

“Dad! What’s for dinner?” Luke asked as soon as Chester walked in the door.

“I’m hungry,” Lucy whined. Chester always thought by the time she reached thirteen, the always hungry and never satisfied Lucy would have learned how to fix her own food, but no, that would have taken away from her snapchat time.

Chester put his jacket on the hook and was nearly knocked off his feet by Frank, the three foot terror of the house. “FEED ME!”

Chester sighed and walked into the kitchen, opened in the refrigerator and sighed. “Dinner in thirty minutes!”

All three children appeared in the kitchen as if they had internal alarm clocks demanding food.

“Hope its pizza,” Luke said.

“I’m not eating pizza!” Lucy argued.

“Eggs!” Frank demanded.

Chester slammed three plates on the table in front of his nasty customers. He picked up the sauce pan, large serving spoon, and slopped a spoon of corn on everyone’s plate. Grumbles started to rise from the table as he returned to the stove. Reaching into the over with a potholder triggered moans from the table. Tears, screams of disgust, and expletive filled complaints shook the kitchen as Chester placed a slice of meat loaf onto everyone’s plate.

Three children stormed out of the kitchen as Chester prepared his plate, poured a glass of wine, and retreated to the quiet solace of the living room for a quiet evening. An hour later his perfect evening was disrupted by a knock at the door.

“Sir, is this your child?”

“Yes officer,” Chester looked very confused as the police let Luke into the house, “what’d he do?”

“He was caught rummaging around your neighbor’s kitchen.”

“Yeah, and all they had for dinner was soup!” Luke hollered as he stormed back up to his room.

The officer smiled and shook his head. “Well, have a good night.”

“You too. Thanks.”

Chester returned to the living room, shaking his head. Not more than ten minutes later, there was another knock at the door. Grunting, Chester got up and found another officer with Lucy at the door.

“Sir, is this your daughter?”

“Yes, ma’am. What’d she do?”

“Well sir, she was found trying to steal food from the mission kitchen on Elm. Father Johnson said he wouldn’t press charges, but did want to say that if your family was in need–”

“Officer, thank you, but we’re just fine. In fact, I donate to Father Johnson every night before we close,” Chester said shaking his head.

The officer nodded and let Lucy in the house.

“All they were having was meat loaf!” Lucy shrieked as she stomped up the stairs.

As Chester was returning to the living room, he decided to save himself a trip and wait on the front porch for someone to bring Frank home.

This short was inspired by:
Three Things Challenge prompts — meat loaf, soup, stealing
FOWC with Fandango — deadline


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