One Of Us, One Of Us

“But, Mom, please let me stay home today!”

“No! You’ve practiced all summer and you’re going!”

“But look at all the blisters on my fingers!”

“Yep, looks like you should practiced even more.”

“You hate me!”

“Go to school.”

I lose. I always lose and will always lose when it comes to arguing with Mom over anything. Don’t get me wrong, I love music. Okay, I love listening to music, but I don’t really love playing music. Yet, here I am in the school orchestra feeling like a gullible little clod. For three years, I have sat here faking an energetic expression that somehow landed me in a solo for the opening of the school year. My teacher had me practicing some stupid opera that has like a million notes per minute…on…the…same…string! I just stand there going back and forth like I’m trying to saw a log with a piece of hair.

Standing here in front of the entire school is nerve wracking. I swear my heart is going to explode from my chest and run away like that little guy at the end of Spaceballs. Mom won’t let me watch Alien even though I’m thirteen and all my friends watched it years ago. My orchestra teacher is sitting in the front row smiling. I wish he was up here instead of me. I wish everyone would stop looking at me. Ooh, there’s Christy and she’s frowning at me. Everyone one is except the teachers. I think they’re the only ones that really want to be at this stupid ‘Welcome to a new school year’ assembly.

I have to face these people for the next four years. Is this who I am? A trained monkey? Here to entertain the adults so they can pat themselves on the back and show parents what their tax money gets them? I put the violin to my chest, look at all the frowning faces and fidgeting students. Am I with the students or am I with the enemy? Quick! Think! Decide!

I know exactly who and what I am. As the accompanist begins to play the opera’s libretto, I begin to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star off-key and off-tempo. The students laugh, cheer, and begin clapping. The teachers frown and stare at my orchestra teacher. He escorts me to the office where we change my schedule. Yep. A win-win for everyone all around. That is until I get home tonight, but I’m okay with that. Right now, Christy is outside the office waiting for me with a smile on her pretty face.

This was inspired by:
FOWC with Fandango — gullible
Word of the Day Challenge — energetic
Three Things Challenge — blister, opera, frown


14 thoughts on “One Of Us, One Of Us

      1. If as you’ve said before your son is Aspergers maybe she needs an education into kids like him. At my school we had a lot of them but I never thought of them as arrogant, more different.

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        1. Well, she thinks he’s arrogant because he oozes natural talent with little effort. He memorizes the music in one sitting, can play by sight and ear, and used to have speed contests with the main teacher. What he lacks is the desire to practice and be a soloist. He likes being in small ensembles though. So far there hasn’t been anything he couldn’t master that was given to him by his teacher.

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          1. Yep that’s what they are like. We had a boy who left alone in a classroom would take it upon himself to tidy it up, another boy one fixed a computer problem, after all the boffins had been flummoxed, so by suggesting they hit a certain button on the keyboard and whammo, the problem was fixed….it was all well and good they had expertise in one or two areas but socially all the kids I knew struggled.

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          2. My son can’t/won’t keep his room clean or even leave me a walkway but he will organize store shelves, library books, desks, you name it. If it is out of place it stands out like a sore thumb and irritates him until he fixes it…teachers love him because he will always help tidy the rooms…lol. Don’t get him talking about anime or computer programming…he’s a walking encyclopedia.

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          3. Yes, we had a group of them into anime and they had a lunchtime club where they’d meet, watch and marvel…
            I had a girl in a drama class and the kids played a game where you had to think quick, hesitate and you were out, but this girl was super quick and never could be caught out.
            When you have so many around you over the years you begin to understand that we are all on the spectrum, just some of us are further along than others. Is he like his father?

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          4. There’s some evidence that suggests the asperger gene comes thru the fathers line. It helps to explain me and my boys.
            I saw a piece once where they tracked a boy in Britain, his dad had photo albums full of transmission towers….plus I have met the fathers of some of the kids I dealt with….


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