The Soul Knows

No one was really surprised when Mandy and Andrew announced the name of their first-born son. Both were world-class musicians and held Amadeus in the highest regard. Everyone loved their music except Wolfie, as the family called Wolfgang, who just screamed whenever he heard Mandy play her violin or Andrew on his cello. Nothing they played could soothe him. Eventually they stopped playing in the house. One day after discussing the seven-month problem with her mother, Grandma Thora swooped in to the rescue carrying a large basket.

“What’s up, Mom?”

“Oh, just doing what I did with you. This should help solve your problem.”

Together Mandy and Thora sat in the living room near Wolfie’s playpen where he liked to sit and play quietly as long as there was no music playing.

“How about this Wolfie?” Thora asked pulling a hand drum from her basket and handing it to Wolfie.

He looked at it and threw it out of the playpen. Thora laughed.

Kazoo? Landed in the potted plant.

Mouth harp? Made a splash as it landed in the fish tank.

Recorder? Wolfie stared at Thora and sent it sailing back to her.

“Hmm,” Thora said with a grin.

“Mom, I just don—”

“Shh!” Thora dug through her basket and pulled out a shiny silver miniature xylophone and set it in the playpen.

One strike of his hand on the bars and he was hooked. He sat and played his new instrument happily. Mandy’s jaw dropped to the floor as she stared in disbelief. Thora just nodded her head, patted her daughter on the shoulder, and returned to her home without saying a word. Andrew didn’t believe it either until he came home and saw for himself. Now the family plays music all day and night.

This short was inspired by the Three Things Challenge prompts: scream, basket, xylophone


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