The Travel Bug

One could say that wanderlust ran in the Tibble family. Great grandpa Tibble was a travelling peddler that sold bits and bobs to other travelers on their way out west and those who decided to put down roots along the way. He never judged those who quit the trail to settle. Luckily, he met Elizabeth whose wanderlust matched his and together they traveled for over fifty years. Their four children led four very different lives, but inherited the Tibble need for travel. George became a permanent carnival worker who owned a balloon popping game stand and traveled nine months out of the year. Henry became a private pilot, bought a jet, and flies people around the world on a moment’s notice. Buster ran away at twelve and joined the circus. Grandma Mary married a travel photographer and together they traveled all over the world with their son Arthur. When Arthur was sixteen, he bought a VW bus and headed off on his own until he met Rainbow and changed his name to Wind. They’ve been together for thirty years now and have six children. The day their youngest, Turtle turned sixteen, Wind handed down his VW bus. Turtle was all agog over the anticipated adventures he was going to have. The expression on his face told Wind that the Tibble family wanderlust would continue for generations to come.

This short was inspired by:
FOWC with Fandango — expression
Word of the Day Challenge — wanderlust
Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day — agog


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