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“Tell me again why you named me Jack.”

She looked at her son lying in bed looking so much like her brother. “Because of Uncle Jack.” She tucked the sheets in around him.

Jack traced the outlines of the bee design with his finger. “Mom?”

“Yes?” she said, lightly chuckling.

“Why was Uncle Jack named Jack?”

She went over to Jack’s book case and pulled out a storybook for the night. She looked at the cover of a little boy in an orange grove and she longed to be in the winter sun in Florida when she met Jack’s father. He was perfect, and a great father who accepted the family business with grace and dignity she didn’t think she deserved. Jack looked just like him when he was born, but soon started taking on the family traits. It wasn’t Jack’s fault and Alan loved him just the same.

“Well,” she said, taking the storybook over to his bed. “You know the story, don’t you remember it?”

He giggled under his sheets. “Tell me again, why him and I are called Jack.”

She couldn’t resist a small smile. “You are named Jack because every boy born in the family is called Jack to remember who we are.”

“Who are we?” he asked, giggling even harder.

Slowly she put the storybook down and put her hands under his electric blanket. “You.” Sliding hands further under the blanket as Jack started squirming. “Are.” Closer. “Jack.” Closer. “Frost!” she yelled, grabbing his feet and tickling them. Jack was laughing and squirming for minutes.

This short was inspired by the Three Things Challenge: orange grove, bee, Jack Frost


Blogging Mad Libs #7

If you are unfamiliar with Mad Libs, they are short stories with words missing that you, the reader, fill in based on the noted requirement (i.e. noun, name, verb, color, etc.). Step 1 is to read the list of blanks for the mad lib and write down the words you select for that item (i.e. Name 1 = Bill, nouns = stars, etc.).

There are two ways to participate in this new daily adventure:

  1. Copy the story and make a post of your own with the missing pieces filled in
  2. Post your responses in the comments below

List of Blanks for this Mad Lib

verb x 3
clothing x 2
body part x 3
noun x 4
plural noun x 2


In The Neighborhood

“Come on boy, let’s go out for a verb,” Eddie said.

His dog wagged its body part and happily trotted through the door and down the noun next to Eddie.

It wasn’t long before they met their closest neighbor, Mrs. Banks, who was out in her noun tending her plural noun.

“Those smell lovely, Mrs. Banks,” Eddie told her, smelling one of her plural noun.

“Ah, thank ya’, Eddie. Mighty kind of ya to say.”

Eddie tipped his clothing and the pair continued on their way. Soon they came to Mr. Jessep who was out on his noun sweeping.

“Always keep the best noun in town, Mr. Jessep,” Eddie said.

“I try to, Eddie. Thanks for noticing.”

Eddie and his dog turned the corner and ran into Frank. Now, Frank was an odd fellow…nice, but odd. You see, Frank didn’t like doing things the same as everyone else. He loved to verb around on his body part with his body part in the air and verb rather than talk. After staying for a few minutes, Eddie and his dog went back home.

“You know, boy,” Eddie said, putting his clothing in the refrigerator, “we have some mighty fine but strange neighbors.”

Finish The Story #2, 07 August 2018

Yesterday I created a new little game based on something I used to love doing in a group. One person starts a story then another has to pick up the story and add to it, then hand it off to another person, etc. until the story is complete. This would/could be extremely fun in a blogging situation since we all have different approaches. So, I am going to put this out there and hope you guys want to play along. Yesterday’s game is still out there, but once it is finished, I will compile the story and list of authors so everyone can enjoy.


  1. Copy the story below as it appears when you receive it (and the rules please)
  2. Add somehow to the story in which ever style and length you choose
  3. Tag only 1 person
  4. If you choose to not participate or finish the story, please tag me (the Haunted Wordsmith) so that I know.

New York Public Library Digital Collections

The Opening of the Circus

Gustav had never been to a circus before and when the newspaper announced the opening of the Hippotheatron in 1866, he was ecstatic. There were to be horses, monkeys, and even a …



Today, I am tagging A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip to lead us off should he wish to accept the challenge 🙂


There Is No Substitute

Everyone in the production loved Nigel, but now Nigel was retiring and a new director had taken his place. The crew and cast were loath to warm up to the new director and after he announced the new season, they knew that would never happen. Everything was a new re-telling of beloved productions. Phantom of the Opera was now a comedy, Hello, Dolly! was now a horror, and the new director even managed, somehow, to turn Sweeney Todd into a Christmas pageant. The cast and crew met later that night and decided that changing the setting was just the tip of the iceberg and, contrary to what others have said, theater directors are not fungible parts of the production. With no cast and no crew, the theater owner called Nigel and asked him to come out of retirement.

This was inspired by:
FOWC with Fandango — setting
Word of the Day Challenge — loath
Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day — fungible