I am torn on this prompt and have spent most of the day thinking about it. My mind first went the expected direction with something food related, then it went political with a recipe for disaster and how all the ingredients are in place and it just needs to stew a bit more, but, sigh, I just don’t want to do anything expected or heavy today.

So, I’m going with my back up… Enjoy these selections

This song has all the ingredients for a spousal fight.

This song has all the ingredients for explaining the fun of having an affair.

All the ingredients needed for a great time on the dance floor.

All the ingredients to putting things into perspective 🙂

All the ingredients to make most people feel smart….couldn’t resist adding this one.


Blogging Mad Libs # 10

If you are unfamiliar with Mad Libs, they are short stories with words missing that you, the reader, fill in based on the noted requirement (i.e. noun, name, verb, color, etc.). Step 1 is to read the list of blanks for the mad lib and write down the words you select for that item (i.e. Name 1 = Bill, nouns = stars, etc.).

There are two ways to participate in this new daily adventure:

  1. Copy the story and make a post of your own with the missing pieces filled in
  2. Post your responses in the comments below

List of Blanks for this Mad Lib

Verb x 4
Noun x 5
Plural Noun
Body part


The Games

This was to be Alexander’s big break. The moment he had been verb for his entire life had finally arrived. He was going to the World Equestrian Games. Riders and horses were picked separately, but he was sure the occupation would match rider and horse perfectly. Day One was the dressage competition. There was little time to get to know his horse, but Alexander was sure that they would do well. The noun announced it was his turn in the noun. It started out well, but then the horse saw a animal and became distracted. They were not disqualified thankfully, but the coaches blamed Alexander’s riding ability and lack of noun. He knew they were right as so few riders actually owned the horses they were riding, which meant you needed to be able to ride any horse. Day Two was adjective. It was the cross-country event that only had eight plural noun, but the silly horse wanted to verb every time it saw a noun or noun. They came in dead last, which meant they were jumping first in Day Three’s jumping competition. Alexander thought hard about that event. He was sure they would win since his horse loved to verb so much. Well, they entered the ring, verb to the judges, and as soon as the buzzer rang, the horse was off. It jumped over each obstacle as if it were nothing. He was perfect. They would have won, if only Alexander had held on to the reigns when the horse bolted. Instead, he spent the event rubbing his sore body part.

Come Join Me For Lunch — Finish the Story #4

Come Join Me For Lunch

Everything that could go wrong that day did. First Louise couldn’t find her left shoe, then her power went out while blow drying her hair, and the milk went out last week. If all that wasn’t enough, her car ran out of gas on the way to work. By the time she arrived at work, it was time for lunch.

“Finally, something will go right today,” she told herself.

Missing breakfast, Louise started to crave something filling and flavorful. She had tried the vegetarian diet and the cafeteria at the office had many salads to choose from, but today? Something hot, greasy and full of calories was going through her mind. . .should I be a few more minutes late? As she had these evil thoughts, her gaze turned to the McDonalds across the street.

As soon as she opened the door and walked through the Golden Arches, Louise was hit by the pungent aroma of grilled chopped beef and deep-fried potatoes. How long had it been she’d last stepped foot in a McDonalds? She honestly couldn’t remember.

Louise got into line and was trying to decide if she should be good and order a salad or indulge on a burger. When it was her turn to order, she asked for a quarter-pounder with cheese with everything on it. Plus, a large order of fries. Hell, the way her day had been going so far, she deserved to treat herself to something different, right?

A sudden cacophony caused her to spin around toward the doors just as Louise was about pay for her order. A horde of young men and women carrying signs, bullhorns, and boom boxes playing discordant noises of animals apparently in pain burst into the establishment.

“Meat kills,” shouted one.

“Burgers are murder,” declared another. It was hard for Louise to make out everything they were shouting as they shoved her and the rest of the patrons away from the counter. As she staggered toward the side exit, she read one of the signs carried by a protestor, “Animals’ lives are their right. Killing them is violent and unjust, no matter how it’s done.”

She found herself across the street as several police cars pulled up to quell the near-riot inside the fast food joint. He heard footsteps behind her, then a door opening and closing. Turning, she saw the sign of another eatery and a notice: “Socially responsible diner offering all-vegetarian eats like meatless burgers and soy ice cream.”

Louise decided she was through with having a bad day and was determined that the second part of her Monday was going to be better. Walking in, she started scanning the menu. Their “Veggie Fajita Bowl” looked pretty good.

The end

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The Sweet Shop, Finish the Story #3

The Sweet Shop

Emily and Sara always wanted a little sweet shop off the beaten path where only locals would be able to find them. It wasn’t that they didn’t like all the tourists that came to their city, they did, it was just that they didn’t want everyone to know that their sweet shop was actually a front. Of course, the locals would know all about it. However, Emily and Sara could not afford to let the secret out. Their secret. Their city’s secret. The secret that…..

The story died

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