Nothing inspired Winnie more than Halloween. From the time she was three years old and was introduced to her namesake, Winnie the Witch, there was nothing else on her mind. In school, her costumes were always voted first in her class, and when she started high school, she created the first Haunted High Tour her town had ever seen. There was nothing about Halloween that she didn’t love.

That was until last year.

Now, you may be thinking that Winnie simply outgrew Halloween like so many people do, but she didn’t. No, in fact, it was on Halloween night in the local graveyard no less, where Winnie found a new source of inspiration.

A small group of friends, including Winnie, had gathered at the graveyard shortly before midnight to hold a seance by the grave of a convicted witch who drowned defending her innocence. Since she drowned, it meant she was not a witch, but Winnie and her friends still considered her one.

As the seance began, Winnie pulled her jacket closer around her to keep out the chilling air. Everyone else seemed so warm, and she had been warm just moments ago, but now she was freezing. It was so cold, she could see her breath. The makeshift planchette spun from letter to letter on the written alphabet answering her friend’s questions, but all Winnie could think of was how cold she was.

Suddenly it began to snow over Winnie. Her friends screamed and ran away, leaving Winnie alone to freeze in the graveyard. Only, she didn’t freeze that night. She discovered who Abigail Van Houten really was. Abigail was certainly different, that’s for sure. She may not have been a witch, but her story of living at the North Pole making toys, getting lost in a blizzard, and ending up in Boston was quite a tale. By the time the morning sun rose and Abigail returned to her nightly home, Winnie’s hair had completely turned white and she grew to love Christmas more than Halloween.

Inspired by FOWC prompt: Inspire


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