Learn To Communicate

“I’m leaving until you learn how to communicate!” Sara said, slamming the door to their apartment behind her.

Phillip sighed, walked back to the couch, and scrunched as low as he could in his favorite seat. It wasn’t his fault she was an English major and he barely passed high school. “Don’t need no fancy words to pick up trash,” he grumbled, pulling up Netflix on the flat screen.

He glanced at the recommended movies and shuddered. Romantic comedy after romantic comedy. “Man, she must have watched every Hugh Grant movie to get this list.” He turned it off and started playing a video game instead.

Five hours of Overwatch with his friends brought a fresh outlook when the morning sun signaled he was late for work. A quick trip through McDonald’s drive-thru for a breakfast burrito and a cup of coffee was worth the impending lecture.

“You’re late,” Mason said, watching Phillip clock in.

“Yeah, sorry, girlfriend dumped me.”

“Oh, tough break. Don’t be late again though, ok?”

Phillip nodded and went to the locker room to change into his overalls. The morning meeting was already in progress when he walked in and sat at the only open seat in the back of the room.

“And Phillip gets the rookie for being late,” Mason announced to everyone’s enjoyment. “Now, get to work.”

Phillip sighed. He got that he shouldn’t have been late, but did he really deserve to be stuck with the rookie! He grumbled all the way out to the truck only to find a young lady around his age with short purple hair and ring tattoos waiting for him.

“Hey,” he said, walking closer to the truck, and looking around. She was wearing clean overalls and looked ready to work, but seriously? Why would someone that hot pick up trash for a living? He cleared his throat. “I’m Phillip. Guess we’re partners today.”

“Looks that way,” she said, smiling. “I’m Lily, but all my IRL friends call me Tracer.”

“Um, IRL?”

Tracer laughed. “Sorry, in real life.”

Phillip laughed. “I know what it means, I just never met anyone that actually introduced themselves that way. So, you like Overwatch, huh?”

“I guess you could say that.” Tracer chuckled. “I play most games though. You?”

“Guess you could say I’m a bit of a gamer myself.”

After eight hours driving around town in a garbage truck, the two ate dinner at McDonalds and went their separate ways. Later that night as TrashMan69 played Overwatch with his friends, they listened to DumpsterGoddess69 talk about her new job. Phillip couldn’t wait to get to work in the morning.


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