Blogging Mad Libs #12

If you are unfamiliar with Mad Libs, they are short stories with words missing that you, the reader, fill in based on the noted requirement (i.e. noun, name, verb, color, etc.). Step 1 is to read the list of blanks for the mad lib and write down the words you select for that item (i.e. Name 1 = Bill, nouns = stars, etc.).

There are two ways to participate in this new adventure:

  1. Copy the story and make a post of your own with the missing pieces filled in
  2. Post your responses in the comments below

List of Blanks for this Mad Lib

  • Ordinal number
  • Adjective x 3
  • Type of Vehicle
  • Location x 2
  • Occupation x 2
  • Name of an Artist
  • Name of a Singer
  • Name of an Author
  • Name of a President/Leader


Everyone in Mr. Howard’s ordinal number grade United States History class loved the field trip to Mount Rushmore. Everyone except Jeremy. He hated it. It was adjective, adjective, and above all else adjective. It fit in with everything else in South Dakota though, and he couldn’t wait to graduate, pack up the old Type of Vehicle, and head to Location 1. He dreamed of a life filled with beach, bars, and babes. All through junior high and high school he was considered quite the lady’s man. The day after graduation, Jeremy packed up and moved to Location 2. There, he found a job working as a occupation 1 by day, and occupation 2 by night. His dream life turned into a nightmare of work, bills, and all things adults hated. He had money for bar hopping on his days off though, which made it worth it, until he found out he was no longer a lady’s man. Their standards were very different than in South Dakota, and he was average at best. Eventually he gave up, moved back to South Dakota, and now works as a tour guide at Mount Rushmore. Just for fun, sometimes he likes to say the faces were really supposed to be Artist, Singer, Author, and President/Leader.