He’s Growing Up

“Jon, it’s not normal.”

“Sorry, Kate.” Jon shook his head and chuckled. “I can attest to his behavior being normal.”

Kate huffed and decided to go fold laundry away from the men in the house. Jon thought about how to best address the situation that didn’t cause embarrassment for Ken or more grief for himself. He opted to follow his dad’s path and write a note.

“Son,” he wrote, “I understand. It’s normal. But for goodness sake wash your favorite sock in the sink yourself rather than leaving it for your mother to find. Dad.”

He slipped the note under his son’s door, but stopped dead in his tracks as the scent of apricot blossoms and kiwi floated from under the door.

“Um, son?” he asked, knocking on the door before he opened it.


Jon glanced around the room and everything appeared normal. Ken starred for a minute then noticed the paper on the floor. Jon looked at the note, picked it up, and tucked it into his pocket. “Nothing,” he said. He turned around and walked back out of the room.

Later that night, Kate walked into the living room grinning ear to ear. “Come here,” she whispered as she wiggled her finger.

“What?” Jon whispered back.

She led him upstairs to their bedroom that overlooked the back yard and saw Ken present a vase filled with apricot blossoms to the girl that lived next door.

The next two years saw their relationship develop, and they went away to college together. Six years later Jon and Kate were grandparents. Every time Kate would get new pictures she would lean on Jon and thank him for setting Ken straight. He never had the heart to tell her.

This was inspired by FOWC — develop, and 3TC — Apricot, vase, sock


They Always Come In Three

It’s funny how much humans love the number three. In academic writing, you synthesize three sources per paraphrase. In death, we always say they come in three. There is the holy trinity and the three branches of government. It’s as if one is the bare minimum, two is too few, and four is too many.

So…in keeping with threes…here’s some questions:

  1. Name three people who are better suited to be President than Trump
  2. Name three places you want to visit before you die
  3. Top three favorite Halloween stories
  4. Three favorite movies
  5. Top three TV shows
  6. Name three foods you cannot live without
  7. What three items would be essential if you were stranded on an island that already had sources of food and fresh water
  8. Name three animals you would like to be for a day
  9. Top three favorite actors/actresses
  10. What three fictional worlds/locations would you love to visit

Here are my answers:

  1. Lassie, Randy Rainbow, Weird Al
  2. Maastricht, Kyoto, Isle of Skye
  3. The Halloween Tree, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The Raven
  4. Clue, Rocky Horror Picture Show, A Chorus Line
  5. Are You Being Served, Fantasy Island, Nightmare Cafe
  6. Popcorn, Pepsi, Pumpkin Seeds
  7. Hammock, Telescope, Any Musical Instrument
  8. Spectacled Flying Fox (bat), the Mola Mola (fish), Hedgehog
  9. Alan Rickman, Charles Dance, Peter Capaldi
  10. Diagon Alley (yes, I like Harry Potter), Cirque du Freak, City of Light (MirrorMask)

How about you? What would your answers be?

Worth A Thousand Words # 29

Photo by: Matthew Henry

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