I’m Gonna Cheat

A Creative PTSD Gal does a 6-word story prompt for the month and she posted September’s daily prompts. Now, I’m going to cheat and post all mine for the month in one post. If you want to participate, hop on over to her blog today.


Unadvised Immense Scant Oven Voice Rebel Plausible Offer Pets Mundane Maddening Animated Bridge Room Introduce Wake Quarrel Remove Concern Incandescent Tangible Youthful Territory Frogs Writer Sand Learn Instrument Flower Grind


  1. Trudging ahead, unprepared, forever hopelessly ignorant.
  2. Overwhelmed and forgotten, life’s gravitational forces.
  3. Overabundant and commoditized, human necessities distributed.
  4. Sixteen hours, still not done. Crap!
  5. Inner thoughts, outer emotions, blissfully combined.
  6. Standing up, taking a knee, Freedom.
  7. Fifty thousand pieces, fifty thousand friends.
  8. No owner, forever free, unobtainable price.
  9. Happy, sad, indifferent. Yet always there.
  10. Life to one, adventure to another.
  11. One last bit, always beyond reach.
  12. Hands flapping, tongue tired, youthful speech.
  13. Old women playing, old men snoring.
  14. Personal domain, forever blockaded, until college.
  15. Forgotten names, remembered faces, always meeting.
  16. Roosters crowing, raccoons retiring, new day.
  17. Teenage views, parental desires, battle begins.
  18. Snip here, snip there, permanent goodbye.
  19. Fallen bodies, could help, send prayers.
  20. Glowing bright, guiding light, flickering devil.
  21. I produce, you need, we share.
  22. Imagination runs wild, sunrise to sunset.
  23. Here to there, they want all.
  24. Nightly chorus, keeping time, nature’s symphony.
  25. Cursed words, dropping, out of reach.
  26. Microscopic worlds, keeping time, Earth’s clock.
  27. Hear them, ignore them, find yourself.
  28. Things inside, demanding release, finding voices.
  29. Reds and yellows, greens and purples, Nature’s design.
  30. Toil and trouble, adult years ahead.

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