The Elfin Knight by Eleanor Skinner

This story is brought to you via Project Gutenberg. THE ELFIN KNIGHT The autumn wind blew sharp and shrill around the turrets of a grey stone castle. But indoors the fire crackled merrily in my lady’s bower where an old nurse was telling a tale of Elfland to Janet, the fairest of Scotch maidens. When [...]


Three Things Challenge, 30 Sept 2018

Welcome to the Last Official Three Things Challenge! It has been great fun, but all things must come to an end, and today is the last day for the three things challenge. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for a new daily writing challenge. To participate, simply link to this page (creating a pingback) or [...]

The Room

Morning light filtered through the tattered drapes on to well-worn hardwood floors. Memorized paths between the kitchen, couch, and bathroom forever etched and discolored. The cherished Siamese cat waiting on the couch. Everything as it should be. The remote rests on the coffee table next to the TV Guide waiting to be used. Last night's [...]