Worth A Thousand Words #30

Photo credit: NASA and JPL

Welcome to Worth A Thousand Words

Use the photo prompt above to find your inner muse and set it free. No limits on word count, genre, rating, etc. Let your imagination run wild.

To participate, simply write a story for your blog and either link back directly to this page or post your link in the comments.

Please use WATW as a tag so that I can find your stories easily if the pingbacks don’t work, or you forget to post a link in the comments.

Remember, no word limit, the longer the better, read what others have written, and most of all, HAVE FUN!

* The photo is of the tarantula nebula. It is 159,000 light years away from Earth–that means it would take 5,914,800,000 years to reach it in the Shuttle Discovery, and located in the Dorado constellation (the swordfish) visible only in the southern hemisphere.

Image result for dorado constellation
Photo credit: The Star Witness

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