Schedule — FOWC Response

“But Mom,” Jessie complained, “I have to go!”

Harriet checked her schedule. “It’s not scheduled, so you don’t have to go.”

Jessie gave her the most annoyed stare he could muster at six in the morning. He hated his mother’s schedule. Everything he and his sister did was scheduled. He was really convinced she even had their breathing scheduled. Once he saw that she had the daily calendar scheduled down to five minute increments. It’s no wonder his dad left her three years ago. He was spontaneous and fun-loving, while she liked order and planned activities.

“Mom, I have to go! You didn’t put it on your schedule!”

Harriet sighed. “Everything you need to do is scheduled. Anything other that what is listed is not necessary.” She checked her schedule. “You are supposed to be sleeping for another twenty minutes. Go back to bed.”

“No!” Jessie stomped his foot. “I have to go and that’s final!”

He stormed out the front door as Glenda walked in to the kitchen in her pajamas.

“Where’s Jess going?”

Harriet shook her head and laughed. “He’s going to wait for the school bus.”

Glenda looked confused, then laughed. They walked to the front window and watched as he looked up and down the street, then checked his new watch. After a few minutes of looking and waiting, he pulled out his cell phone to call a friend for a ride. He stared at the display, then walked into the house.

“SHUT UP!” he yelled as he stormed back up to his room.

The slammed door shook the house as Glenda and Harriet broke into a roar of laughter.

“What are we doing today?” Glenda asked.

Harriet looked at her schedule. “Well, I thought we would go to the farmer’s market, then catch the Saturday movie at the library.”

“Sounds fun,” Glenda said, still laughing at her brother.


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