A Little Predictive Text Tale

These are often fun and my internet has been wonky all day so I am stuck on my phone tonight.

Let’s see what my phone thinks tonight.

I have to get up early to get to work and then you have to go through the same ad on the blog post and I am not going to make it in tomorrow and will let you have it all done by tomorrow and pick them in the car.

You are doing great and you can come to my house no one is there is a way I can get my money back and I can do it on my own but the other is not a lot but I think it’s a good thing we didn’t go back.


Space Force Exam — FOWC response

Joshua had looked for work for nearly six months and had lost hope. That was until the president announced the creation of his new space force. He was as able bodied as the president and was certain he would be accepted once they started taking applications.

He didn’t have to wait long before his local paper announced that space force representatives would be taking applications and proctoring the required exams at the local mall the following weekend.

“I’m going to be in space force,” he told all his friends and family.

They all just laughed at him. He was a bright young man with a great sense of community spirit. He wasn’t anything like the president. Application day arrived and Joshua joined thousands of others who drove in from all across the state. The process had two components: physical exam and comprehensive written exam. He passed the basic physical with flying colors. Especially since all it involved was his height and weight.

The comprehensive written exam stumped him though. It was all multiple choice. The math was basic elementary skills of addition and subtraction. Nothing more than that. The English language questions were elementary as well. What stumped him were the questions on leadership, ethics, morals, and service to others. He read every question again and again because the available answers just didn’t have a right answer.

When the exam time was up, he left and met his friends at the corner bar.

“Well?” they asked when he sat down.

“Most of it was easy, but I’m sure they won’t call me.”

“Why?” Brandon asked.

“A lot of the questions just didn’t have an answer,” he said, as the waitress brought his beer.

“What kind of question wouldn’t have an answer?” Alex asked.

Joshua shook his head and sighed. “A lot. Take this one for example: What should you do if someone does not have enough to eat?”

“Treat them to a burger or pizza,” Brandon said.

“Or give them a few bucks for ramen,” Alex said.

“You would think it would be something like that, right?” Joshua said. “But no, the only choices were to shame them for being poor, call them lazy, or call your senator to make poverty a crime.”

Brandon and Alex stared at him in disbelief. “What kind of bullshit answers are those,” Alex said.

“Are you looking for a job, Josh?” the waitress asked.

“Yeah. Have been for a while.”

“Oh, well, come back and talk to Hank. We just had someone quit tonight.”

Two weeks after training, he loved his new job where he was able to hang out with friends and talk to people all night long.