Paul looked at his assignment and his heart sank. Ones like this were hard. After his mother passed and he took her job, he understood why sometimes he would wake up and find her by his bedside crying. It was hard, but it needed to be done. He had a job to do. Maple Street [...]


Not This Time

Right now, at this moment and in this place, Pike and the girl were invisible. He didn't know how much longer he could hold it, but he knew he would have to maintain the time shift long enough for the assassin to do her job. He couldn't fail this time. This 50-word short was written [...]

Anything For Betty

Betty spent two weeks carving pumpkins, cutting construction paper bats and witches, and hanging black and orange fairy lights. The day was spent putting final touches on her costume and filling over one hundred individual candy bags. She loved Halloween more than any other day of the year. At dusk, she flicked on her porch [...]

Abigail Mayweather

They came looking for a new life. A chance to finally be free from under the rule of someone else. A chance to own land of their own. A chance to dream and turn those dreams into reality. Abigail Mayweather was one of those dreamers. She dreamed of opening a seamstress shop where her and [...]

October Blog Recap

It's not quite the end of the day yet, and I am sure I will post a few more stories, but ... October saw: a whopping 257 posts published. 1076 visitors 6632 page views I know I have gained a few followers this month -- HELLO!!!!!! The daily prompt posts, once again, are the most [...]

The Seeking Heart

Bats fly Landing on stone gargoyles Only to take flight Once again. Danger nears, screams Cutting the silence Unnerving even the most Resolved hearts. Lost love searching In vain Near and yet so far Gone. This was inspired by the Word of the Day Challenge - bloodcurdling


"Hello?" Paul said, groggily. There was no one on the other end. There never was, and never will be. It had been this way since his mother died. It didn't begin with her, or her mother, or her mother's mother. This had been going on forever. Literally, forever. Before telephones, the family reported hearing the [...]